Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Neutral Existence: (Unedited): 16 Jan 2013:

A neutral existence is for those day shoppers with no money to spend. C.J.MacKechnie

  Have you ever just wanted to be someplace which was different than the place of your own hopeless and helpless place? Just some other place. Even a place where people go to buy things and pretend to be happy for a few moments before they go home to their own mundane existence. Maybe, those shoppers with money to spend do not have such mundane lives. Maybe, they themselves have conquered their own internal demons in life to achieve a position that they own. They have earned what they can purchase.
 Just as you who have only known those barriers in which you could never have passed through. Those blockades which always denied you passage. Why is that? Every opportunity you have chased has always become some kind of loss or failure. Have you created all manor of excuses as to why? When the truth may very well be. That you did not put forth the required effort needed for success. That you just quit or given up when the going got tough. 
Where you are in this life is exactly the absolute logical results of all of the decisions which have been made. Those decisions from your family, friends and from your self. 

I have met many intelligent people who had no education and they live the life in which their lack of education has afforded to them. For them, Their life is OK. Worldly Wealth does not seem to be of great importance and that is OK. While some others seem to always blame everyone and the whole world in some grand conspiracy which is all against them. 

I have met many whose intelligence are lacking and yet they live in homes which is beyond my capacity. What is so different than those who achieve and those who give up? The key is when. To endure until you achieve or to give up when things become tough or difficult. What about hose who only want to play while others seem to have the enduring focus of a great mission which must be accomplished. Intelligence may not be as important as ones will. What is your will? Will you accomplish a great task if it interfered with a party, a drink, a game? Some do see a greater importance in the drink, the cigarette, the game or the party. 
That what you value the most is that which you will achieve even if it is illogical, immoral or criminal. Their rewards shall always find you.


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