Friday, January 11, 2013

Invading Empath: (Unedited): 11 Jan 2013:

The wolf in sheep's clothing can easily hide amongst the good sheep. The undisciplined mind of the empath can become clouded by the quantity of good thoughts and emotions, which surrounds the empath. So much so the one or few bad minds can be dismissed as some kind of back ground residual clutter. C.J.MacKechnie
Being an Empath is one of the Christs gifts from GOD. God doesn't hand out instruction manuals with any of the gifts. So, one must learn as you pray, as you meditate and  as you go. Learning as you go is the real world lessons to be learned. Learning these real world lessons should be all that it is supposed to be and without any negative emotional tags applied. The logical approach is to ask those questions of where you are lacking and where your were accurate. Then apply the necessary actions to achieve whole development.
:Warning: Actively Invading and trespassing into other peoples minds is wrong. At this point in time just focusing upon an individuals mind in a passive receptive mode is probably the best. Because the individual is actively transmitting their own thoughts and emotions constantly out in the open. This is not trespassing.
But focusing upon another persons mind to actively retrieve thoughts, emotions and intentions is wrong.
But, what about looking into the minds of a suspected bad person?
What if the suspected bad person turns out to be good? Then you became the bad person who trespassed.

Transmitting is just like receiving any signal from any source.
Receiving is just like listening to any radio signal from any transmitted source.
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