Monday, February 25, 2013

Attack Heroic: (unedited): 25 Feb2013:

Those persons who always asks or demands, help or assistance. While not doing anything for themselves is an outward spiritual attack upon you the heroic. C.J.MacKechnie
This is not a message against those who are the genuinely disabled and who will always be unable to do certain things. There are those who are born who will always need assistance and friendship from a person who has the means. The assistance and friendship should not be separate from one another. 
This is directly a message for those who seem to be able to beg for money while being capable standing all day on a street corner in the hot sun. (I'm not able to do that). Or any other person who does nothing for themselves and yet expects you and anyone else to help them over and over. This is their con over you. Using guilt and other negative emotions to motivate you to decide to choose to do a thing which benefits them.