Monday, February 25, 2013

Suicide drill: (Unedited): 25 Feb 2013:

In Basketball there is a conditioning drill called a suicide. The word suicide in this explanation is not a negative term or a word used to mean self death. For this blog post, The word suicide is that descriptive word which can mean anything as defined by you. A Suicide Drill exercise for you can be that thing which must be done in order for you to achieve a particular goal.
When a basketball player correctly does the Suicide Drill exercise. He or she will feel like they are about to die and that their coach wants them to die. This is of course far from the truth. The coach wants you to break through your own self created limitations and to exceed your own low level goals and personal expectations.
The Suicide Drill is necessary and crucial for your growth and positive development. The person who does the Suicide drills on their own time and at their personal level of personal conquest. That person will achieve a greater break through in that specific area of interest. Than the person who halfheartedly does a Suicide Drill while complaining under their own breath.
So, what is a suicide drill? Watch the YouTube basketball videos as provided below. Know this, to merely watch as opposed to experiencing a suicide drill as commanded by an evile coach is not the same. (I recommend watching the movie "Coach Carter" and focusing on the Coach and the lessons he is trying to teach). It is more than Basketball. The life lessons learned in Basketball and other sports is greater than the sport itself. The value of which cannot be calculated. So as long as respect, integrity and honor is taught.

The word use of "evile" is an attempt at humor. That is until the coach forces you to do more Suicide Drills (More Humor).

The suicide drill and KungFu is closely related to one another. Even if your specific area of interest is not Basketball. Your suicide drill is a fundamental part of your Kung Fu. The word Kung Fu is not tied to any specific Martial Art at least here in this blog post.
Your Kung Fu is your police officer badge, Your fire fighter uniform, Your medical doctor PHD, your retail store of employment, your welding shop, or your captain of a great ship. No matter your field of interest, it is your KungFu.
The suicide drills which you must do in your KungFu is directly related to your specific area of interest. The suicide drills is your homework which must be done in that class which you see no value or purpose in. The suicide drills for the military man, lawman can be Martial Arts, firearm training and memorizing laws, SunTzu and boring theories of strategy.

The Suicide drills that you do is going to be uncomfortable for you and very challenging. Even to the point where you decide that quitting is a very real option. Which quitting is never an option unless you desire for your future to become a quitter and consider yourself as a quitter. Yes, This is a part of the hero or zero mentality. In which many psycho-ologists believe to be an error of thinking. It is not an error of thinking it is a driving force in the area of achievement. Which must be coupled with Honor, Integrity and Respect.
Your greatest achievements in life will come when your are the most stressed, uncomfortable and that which you are doing doesn't seem possible for you. The thing that you which you consider as impossible is impossible. That is until your thinking and belief systems changes into "I'm Possible".

I also recommend watching the Movie "Rudy". Keep focused on his life. Walking into an unknown and homelessness. keeping focused on the goal, even after continued rejection after rejection. Even when he gave up he still could not.

The practice of Kung Fu in your life. Is that specific work that you earnestly do everyday in order to achieve mastery as defined by you.