Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reverted Blessing: (Unedited): 26 Feb 2013:

A blessing received by a selfish heart may become a curse. C.J.MacKechnie
A selfish heart seems to always counts their blessings received, while not becoming a blessing for others. C.J.Mackechnie
Verbally spoken thankfulness is not good enough. Genuine gratitude from a caring heart is a blocking mechanism from any gift becoming a curse. There are of course many other pathways in which a gift/blessing can become a curse. The first one is the lack of genuine gratitude.

The love and compassion from a giver will always be rewarded by God because their heart and their intention were correct and true, no matter how the gift/blessing was received or it's end result.

For instance, A giver knows of a single woman with children. The giver is a witness to her struggles and plight. So, the giver gifts her a car as a blessing for her and her children. She expresses her thanks and wonderment of the gift. But, in the eyes of God she is only a member of the church in order to get what she can. Yes, she is desperate and she is in great need. For some reason she cannot get past her desperation and a life which seemingly is full of perpetual curses and set backs. The gift of the car will become that which is intended for her. The complete lesson from God, which is a great mystery novel. Will the desperate mother become a genuine Christian or will she remain like she is? We or you can only watch and witness. Maybe she will surprise you. Maybe the gifted car will become a financial burden or curse. Maybe the gifted car will remain that gift which becomes the catalyst for life changing miracles to come for the mother and her children.