Wednesday, March 20, 2013

True Spirit: (Unedited): 12 June 2010:

No matter what front a man puts forth. His true nature will always be seen first by those who can view the spirit before hand. C.J.MacKechnie 
Learn to see the spirit of any person. Look beyond their words and see through their intentions. In doing so their motives will be revealed. The truths and their deceptions easily known. The content and condition of their heart recognized.
A good man will be loyal to those who he deems as family or friend. Maybe, even to a fault. Adolf Hitler deceived an entire nation and still had his blind followers. Even after the sins were revealed. Then again, maybe those followers were not blinded and had become equally evil as Hitler.
So you, the good man must ascertain the heart of your friends and family. You must ascertain the life path they are on. Then decide if you want to join in on the grand party. Even if the cool mans path is on the highway of death. If you choose to be on that party path of death. Know that when the destination is finally reached. The same end will be for you as well. It won't really matter much, because even a good man will begin to lose his identity the longer he is on that path of death. All of the goodness and innocence within you must die first. Along with your good caring heart. All to be replaced with apathy, selfish hate, and selfish anger.
Once you begin to laugh, ridicule and tease those who use those extreme positive and compassionate words of inspiration. The disease of apathy is already within you and spreading like an incurable virus. The apathy disease is using you to further spread apathy throughout your personal world. Until, such a time that the whole word no longer cares enough to even exist.
The death of the disease of apathy comes when you force yourself to take the big pill of love, the cough medicine of peace and the chicken soup of harmony.
The life path is one where you will discover Love, peace, harmony and of course life. You will encounter compassion, mercy, forgiveness and other such wonderful words within your own spirit.