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Hole Shot Prophecy: (Unedited): 04 April 2013:

The purpose of any negative prophecy is in the prevention, mitigation and management of any event. No matter who authored the undesirable prophecy. So that the destruction of life and property is absolutely prevented or minimized.  C.J.MacKechnie
I think I'm supposed to call this a golf term. I don't know much about golf. 
This is in response to the boldness of North Korea.
How to end the threat of the west? An unsuspecting Sunday night time launches. For the USA first?
The boldness of North Korea receives virtually zero actual response from the USA. As of 04 April 2013. In spite of all of the media. Russia is deploying about 20 Naval ships/boats/tugs into the area of East China and Japan. For pre planned Naval live fire warfare games/exercises. Which begins soon-summer 2013. Good Timing for North Korea and media propaganda control.

From a Global Intelligence website. Assuming for accuracy.
4 of the 5 Atlantic Carrier fleet in ports.
4 of the 5 Pacific Carrier fleet in ports.
7 of the 9 Big Deck Amphibious Warfare ships in ports.

If the current North Korean propaganda threat has any validity. Then the Naval ships need to be at sea. Staggered around the USA and Europe looking for Golf Boats and boarding every large ship for inspection of smoke stacks, capable of housing a missile which can achieve that certain altitude to detonate an EMP warhead. 

From an old vision. I saw an old ship with smoke stacks converted to missile launchers. I didn't put it together until recently. An EMP device.
If North Korea has perfected the EMP device. Then North Korea has a very real and practical weapon, which can destroy the lifestyle of westerners (Americans, Europeans, Canadians and etc). 

The hole shot are those places where it would be impossible for any air defense system or fighter jet to respond to any vertically launched missile or rocket. Especially, before it reached that classified magical altitude. Where when the EMP device detonates. All modern electronics goes dead. Even Repair and replacement electronic devices which are not stored away in Faraday cages. For instance stockpiled transformers are stored outside in open aired lots.

If the rockets/missiles are launched at 10 plus miles off any American coast and goes straight up. It is unlikely that the US DOD would be able to respond in a timely manor.

Beware of the decoys. What ever they may be. Civilian surface ships with obvious rail systems for rocket launchers. When you see obvious decoys. The threat is real elsewhere. They already know that the USA will pay a lot of attention to a singular threat, especially if it is up close.
Old civilian ships with the smoke stacks disabled and converted into hidden launch tubes for Scud type missiles. If they can reach that certain classified altitude with an EMP weapon. Look for No smoke from the smoke stack or stacks. and yet they have full propulsion.

North Korea has at least 10 Golf 1 and 2 class Submarines. Each with 3 vertical launch tubes. 2 missiles launch into American soil as a real or decoy or both. The 3rd launch tube would fire a missile straight up. Yep that's 30.

The hole shots can be better predicted by official DOD persons who may be interested. A priority list should be created which entails which hole shot sites would impact the most and down to the least.

These are the possible ones, which look good and obvious to me. +/- 50 miles.
Perry, Fl.
Lake Charles, La.
Victoria, Tx.
Brunswick, Ga.
Greenville, Nc.
Toms River, Nj.
Coos Bay, Or.
MacKerricher State park, Ca.
Pinnacles National Park, Ca.
Puerto Penasco, Mexico
Any where Alaska.
Any side Hawaii.
The same would go for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

China and Russia needs to be deeply concerned. Because if North Korea conducts an EMP attack on Europe. Parts of Russia is gonna go dark. An EMP attack  against Japan or South Korea. Parts of China will go dark. All of Beijing will be dark.
An EMP attack off of the southern coast of India.
Added 06 April 2013:
There is another old vision. I saw a rocket emerge out of an old grain silo. I remember thinking it was somewhere in the Kansas City area.
Added on 07 May 2014: Clarification. Kansas City area can mean several hundred miles circular. 
Added on:06 April 2013: News: Embassies staying open. Has there been so many empty threats from the father that no one believes the son? What if the son wants to make a name for himself? What if the son wants and demands respect from the whole world? Bringing down the USA and/or the rest of the west. Would do it for him. Launch a proven EMP Missile 50-100 miles out. An approximate ?500? circle on the ground of dead electronics, autos, big rigs, trains, planes and power grids. Please research all information for yourself. I've provided a few easy to find. Don't stop there I have only given a sample.
 Added on :06 April 2013:
What if North Korea is the trigger for an EMP attack on the USA. The North American Continent has what many say the last of the easy to reach oil resources in the world. More than all of the middle eastern nations combined. A defenseless USA. Means the end of the USA. Then an all out attack upon the whole of the continent by many different military's to grab those resources. The victor will achieve global dominance. Through the sale and use of those resources. Those very same resources that the political leaders refuse to go after.

Is the USA Military industrial capability EMP hardened? Important question. If not then a potential North Korean EMP attack by various methods would be a complete surprise. I keep thinking a Sunday morning holiday weekend approximately  0500 East coast time, which would mean 0200 west coast time. Everyone will be asleep. The military on leave. Cold of winter would be the worse time.
Added on: 07 April 2013:
 Edit. added word "Undesirable" to quote. 
Added on: 07 April 2013:
 It matters not the technology, leadership, organization. If the hearts, minds and spirits of the people are not fundamentally changed by their own free choice/will. The undesirable prophecy may very well still occur.If the hearts, minds and spirits of the people are fundamentally changed by their own free choice/will. Technology, leadership and organization won't have to play any role in the prevention, mitigation and management of any disaster to come. Only divine wisdom can ascertain whether or not a looming disaster can be prevented. Either way, still do and take action to stop it and prevent it.
Added on: 07 April 2013:
  I think the North Korean emergency is a manufactured event.
Added on: 07 April 2013:
To minimize the EMP effect to China and Russia. North Korea would have to project the maximum effective radius and then plan a launch scenario along the inside of that maximum arc.
Added on: 07 April 2013:
Added on: 08 April 2013:
Had troubles loading Your warned.
Added on: 08 April 2013@1623 Hours.:
I finally got the hole shot name for this blog. Sorry, sometimes I'm even slow with my own writings.  It is a race for the Americas. There will be a starting gun. Who is the starting gun? North Korea?
The USA Naval force would have to be put to sea and far away or will they just be free gifts to the hole shot victor.
Think about it. How many military personnel would show up for war. If they each knew that their loved ones had zero electricity, zero water, zero food, zero sanitation, zero law enforcement, zero medical options, zero rescue. A military husband who leaves their family behind - leaves them to die (in the extreme).
Added on 16 April 2013: 
I suspect that North Korea may have been involved with the Boston bombing. North Korean Persons designed and planned for the bombing event to appear like typical Islamic Terrorist attack.
A birthday present for their former leader.
A pre-plan for a possible American Tet Offensive. 
Added on 21 Aug 2015:               
Who are the enemies of Russia, China and North Korea? What are the effects of an EMP detonation @50, 100, 200 and 300 miles up into the atmosphere? What are the effects of a near polar detonation? These things are classified and should be.
Yesterday, For some reason. I began to think why anyone who is interested in an EMP attack on the 48 USA. Why Kansas City seems to be always used as the central focal point of any EMP attack?
Maybe, for illustration purposes of effect and outward distances in miles.
It seems I've had a new vision. Pretty vague though as of this writing. It seems to be mostly about the greatest impact to their enemies in a single coordinated attack. In which The USA, Canada, Great Briton, Japan, Australia, new Zealand and Israel are effectively neutralized. Outward distances and positions from targeted sites. Known defensive capabilities and the speed/distance math of a triangle.
Positioning your boats and ships to gain the greatest probability of success. Where one location may see a lower altitude detonation. Another may have a greater altitude of detonation.
I also, saw the only way to defend against these kinds of straight up attacks. Is with the use of a Laser anti-Missile system. Effective range greater than 500 miles is needed. In which today none exists. Maybe, a hyper velocity missile system. But, then response time and permissions would also be critical. In which today, none exists and none of these things would be placed around every American favored asset. Not even the Israeli Iron dome could prevent and defeat this threat. In which Canada is building many of these things. Why, For deployment on Canadian soil or for use abroad in some future event? Iron dome is good for something coming at Iron Dome. If an enemy can hit their hole shot. Then the success rate drops. Unless something else?
Added on 21 Aug 2015 @ 1954Hrs.:
My questions below may be very easy for you to answer. For me they are not so easy. I do not keep up with the news very much. The questions are a way for you to see where my mind is going. Maybe you can take it to that next step and prevent all of it. It's only worth the first Billion lives in the first year after the attack. 
An evolution or a clarity of totality. Totality of what?
Who are the enemies of Russia, China and North Korea?
Who are the allies of Russia, China and North Korea?
A singular and coordinated attack on mutual enemies. Which would leave minimal evidence. Or evidence of missiles rising up out of the waters around the globe.
What are the EMP effects when detonated close to the polar regions. What are the effects of multiple EMP detonations  close to the polar regions?
The altitude of EMP detonation is also related to size of the affected area. There are many variables. So if  a group of Countries. Lets say Russia, China and North Korea decided they were going to end the western rule of the whole world. How would they do it? Without infrastructure damage. The set altitude of the EMP detonation.
What about the distance away from primary target or targets? The EMP pulse should diminish in intensity as the distance expands. Like the light from a star.
There are just a few of the planning thoughts for where your boats need to be positioned.
This information. I got from a guy who knows a guy. So, I don't know. It is up to you to do your own research. (Yahoo Answers). Who are allies and who are enemies?
:Allies of China:
Russia (Nuclear and world Power)
SCO (Strategically in Central Asia)
Burma (strategic Asian ally)
Venezuela (Latin American strategic ally)
Zimbabwe (Strategic African ally)
Pakistan (Major partner and Nuclear power)
Iran (Middle eastern ally and regional power)
Cuba (Latin American strategic ally)
North Korea (Traditional cold war ally with nuclear weapons)
Sudan (Strategic African ally)
Syria (Strategic middle eastern ally)
Serbia (Possible future ally now that America has pissed them off with Kosovo)
India (Nuclear power, large trade power, holds the smartest and most genius race)
China friendly: Angola, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Bolivia, Chile, Cambodia, Cuba, Egypt, Fiji, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Iran, Jordan, Kazakstan, Laos, Liberia, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Myanmar, Senegal, Serbia, Sierre Leone, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, Tonga, Uganda, Singapore, Venezuela, Zambia, most Arab, and African countries. 
:Enemies of China, Russia and North korea:
 Not a complete list or even a verified list.
 Italy, Iceland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Paraguay, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Canada, US, Britain, Australia, South Korea, Japan.
Added on 03 Sept 2015:
 I wrote these down  while staring at a global map prior to 21 August 2015: Just found them.
A mixture of low altitude, medium altitude and high altitude EMP style of attacks upon the enemies of China, North Korea and Russia. A single coordinated launch of vertical ballistic missiles. Which would detonate at pre-selected altitudes.  Some areas may have multiple launches over some time.
A low altitude EMP detonation may be for the reasons of intensity for the selected target as well as not receiving damage because of cities and assets in close proximity to the target area.
A low altitude detonation may be specific for enemy military assets and then followed by a higher altitude launch may be for all enemy civilian targets.
If a coordinated EMP style attack does occur.  How could you prove it and who would be at fault? Who would you attack? In one year about 1 billion enemy civilians would be dead. From starvation, disease and mutual combat.
Could this be a pre-attack to an American style Tet offensive. In which hundreds of thousands of men go in their own direction to make their own individual war against all that is American. By any destructive means they each individually devise.
These are to be in addition to what I've already written. Revelation changes everything. If the threats are real at this time. You really should have your own assets looking for the targets. Because, a simple observation and open publication of seen foreign country boats and ships in your waters may be enough to avert. How do you prove an EMP style attack? Could this be their sole justification for an attack? To take advantage and then send in their own Mercy ships while at the same time Going to the United Nations to demand repayment of all debts which can no longer be honored. Am I stretching here? maybe.
The cities listed and areas of interest are all related to their areas of math triangles. Some positions will have multiple impacts. For efficiency and minimal use of weapons. The one shot many kills mode of thinking.
Between the Norwegian sea and the Greenland sea.
Gulf of Alaska.
Bay of biscay
Tyrhenian sea.
West NW Israel.
Puerto Rico.
New York
North West Gulf of Mexico.
Japan East of Osaka
Bay of Bengal
Arabian Sea
South Africa
South China sea
Los Angeles
Tasman sea
South Philippines
West NWest Australia
Marshall Islands
Hawaii western side. any side.
Is this a build up to war?
You position your assets just before the strike.
Added on 03 Sept 2015:
In the news. Gulf of Alaska. With President Obama in Alaska. Is this a sign for the President?
This is odd. There are only 2 reporting sources on this.
Older news. Where are the 50 North Korean subs from August 2015. Some have supposedly returned due to storms. But were any of them The Golf 1 or 2 diesel submarines?
Opinion: 03 Sept 2015:
Every available asset should be used to reveal locations of all Chinese, Russian and North Korea naval ships. Then freely released to all media sources. The revelation of asset movements should eliminate any kind of secret attacks. It will also eliminate the propaganda of here look at these few ships while the real forces lurk else where.
Those diesel subs need fuel and supplies. So there location, port of calls should be revealed. or if a sub pops up next to a fishing ship.
07 Sept 2015: Drug and terrorist tunnels.
Added on 14 Oct 2017:
If North Korea, Russia, China or any other enemy of the USA already have nuclear capable EMP weapons on satellites. It doesn't matter what missile defense system you have. There is no active protection system. Which will protect your civilian population against a EMP satellite which just detonates itself in Low Earth orbit.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements.
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