Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vengeance Magnified: (Unedited): 16 April 2013:

  A single act of vengeance successfully carried out. Only magnifies hatred and anger to all of those affected/effected. So much so, that each of those affected/effected may carry out their own individual/collective plans for vengeance.  C.J.MacKechnie
The end result of vengeance, will always be scaled extinction.  Scaled extinction is a logical response/conclusion to an action taken. My use of the word extinction is not of the complete death, but can be eventually.
Scaled extinction is when one person does an act and as a result he dies. That person is extinct or just dead. As you scale up in the numbers of peoples. So, does the scaling effect of extinction. Until, such a time that extinction is total.
Anger and hatred are a part of the logical formula for death. Meaning Death=Chaos+war+Hatred. I'm not exactly sure where anger and vengeance fit into the formula for death. Although Vengeance is a part of the war set.

A person dies because of wrong doing. Becomes extinct.
A family dies because of wrong doing. Becomes extinct.
Clans and tribes die because of wrong doing. They all become.
Countries die because of wrong doing. They become extinct.
Planets die because of wrong doing. They all become extinct.

A person, a family, a clan, a tribe, a people, a country and a planet can all be extinct and yet still be alive. They are just the last of their kind which is still living. 
When you or any one else or even any entity brings into it's existence any aspect of the formula of death. All of the other variables will begin to become altered/changed. This effect is like a wave which moves from the origin element into the other adjacent elements. Until, the final conclusion is true death. What gives the new element it's strength and power to change/alter the other elements is human intention. Human intention from the body, heart, mind and spirit.
Anyone who begins to see their own upcoming extinction. Can alter it. Even though they may still die. By bringing into their own lives all of the necessary elements of the formula for life. Life=Love+Peace+Harmony.
Absolute scaled extinction can be changed/altered. Even though the result appears to be evident and certain. There is a finite point where nothing can be changed or altered. This is just like a convicted criminal. The convicted criminal will see his/her death sentence carried out. His/Her extinction is certain and unchangeable.  If he/she can genuinely change/alter his/her own hearts, minds, bodies and spirit. Then maybe by osmosis into his/her surviving family and friends. Maybe, He or she will be survived by their children. Maybe? You must change in order to survive. You must teach the justified means to your death. So, that others may see your "deaths wisdom" and choose the formula for life for all. Embrace life so that others may live. Even if your fate is certain.