Sunday, April 21, 2013

TrailBlazers: (Unedited): 21 April 2013:

Your journey in this life is a result of the trails YOU blaze. Not from the trails other people make for you. C.J.MacKechnie
I do ask questions in which I do not really expect any response or answer. This can be perceived at times as being rude of me. But, it is not. I feel it is important to EMPOWER those who ask for dream interpretations, readings, perceptions or advice. These are important lessons for you as well. Because, When people ask you for dream interpretations, advise, readings, perceptions sometimes what people want are answers. Answers given freely often are accompanied with no wisdom, zero knowledge and absent any understanding. The how a person comes up with their own answers is more important than the actual real answer.

Every choice you make is crucial in life. For those who are very sensitive, missing a simple meal can have an important impact into the negative zones of decision makings. A reference for those who are diabetic or hypoglycemic.
The result of troubles experienced today is a logical conclusion of decisions made yesterday. To correct a bad life experienced today. One must begin to make good decisions today. It is that over simplified.
But, for some who having made serious bad decisions in their past. They must live with and endure to the end. There are still choices. How will you live the life you have now and tomorrow? What are your short term goals in life? What are your medium term goals in life? What are your long term goals in life?
Such as a beautiful young girl walks straight into the darkness. After choosing not to make the right turn under the last flickering street light. Bad and terrible things happened to her. Now, she is the victim and must exist or live the rest of her life with the full knowledge of making a wrong decision. Yes, over simplified and a little insensitive. Still a foundational truth. How she lives her her right now and tomorrow. Will be the difference between a fearful meaningless existence and a full life with deep profound meaning. The difference is powerful empowerment or absolutely weak helplessness.
A diabetics poor choice can lead to a loss of toes or eyesight or even their life. But, Chocolates and mango's are soooo good. And mango's with hot chocolate is better than good. Is it worth a toe, an eye or a life? What does wisdom dictate? What does their emotional state show?
A super smart egg head genius refuses their education in favor of the excitement of a deceptive social life and the lies of cultural traditions. Their potential for making an important impact for the benefit for all of humanity, just turned to zero.
Choices always lead to an avalanche of more choices. How you stay ahead of the white crush is in itself exciting and empowering. A true revelation of your potential realized. This Florida boy who tries to out ski the avalanche of snow, will succumb pitifully, in a magnificent fail. This Florida boy who seeks the training, education and develops the skill to elude and escape an avalanche of snow. May find his personal victory. There is wisdom to be gained in organized education. No matter how bad it is from the government, society, culture or from your own blood family. Go and get your education for yourself. This self empowerment maybe one of the most important lessons for you to learn in the beginning of your new life. It will be your first and not your last. C.J.MacKechnie
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