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Mentor Prophets: (Unedited): 23 June 2013:

Mentors are prophets of positivity in action. Creating profound changes within each human life. Thus, Changing and altering probable hopeless, bleak and miserable futures. C.J.MacKechnie
In today's modern environment. A prophet is known to be the one who spreads doom and gloom of greater probability. While a mentor is one who actively works to change and alter another person hopeless outlook in life. Which leads to perpetual and compounding hopelessness?

I have not heard of many prophets who speak their words of doom and gloom without following it up with how to prevent it, mitigate it and manage it. This needs to change into a more proactive method seeking prevention, mitigation and management. The prophets of doom and gloom needs to adopt the lifestyle of the mentor. 
The word prophet and mentor needs to become exchangeable and interchangeable. 

Where is the value of speaking words of upcoming doom and gloom? Without seeking a way of preventing and altering the entire probable undesirable event.  

I defer to the teaching of a prophet/mentor in action.
Genesis 41 shows profoundly how all of the life of Egypt were going to die. The Pharaoh had this dream in which the wrongly imprisoned slave who was sold by his own brothers. Basically said "We all are going to die" But I (Joseph) can mitigate and manage it. Well, go and read the full version and not my shortened interpretation. This is the essential school of prophecy understanding and the action which must be taken to prevent, mitigate and manage the event or events. This is something which apparently NO CHRISTIAN or any other religious person understands. All of the bad and sad prophecies are only probable and not absolute. All prophecies which have ever been spoken or written are NOT ABSOLUTE. C.J.MacKechnie

This is another teaching of prophecy. A prophecy of the Compassion of God/Allah. A prophecy of a sinful people who empowered themselves even for a moment to repent and become righteous. A story about one man who God/Allah used one city and one specifically created fish/whale to teach the prophet Jonah a lesson. The depth of teaching within this one singular story is astounding.

The teaching which is important for this particular message is that GOD/ALLAH spoke a message of intent. Then gave all life within the opportunity to repent. When they did repent. God/Allah words of promise to destroy was taken back. Even for a time. Gods love and compassion is for all of us. Which means all of us. No matter where we were born or who we were born to. The prophet Jonah was not wrong with his prophecy and God did not lie. The reason I say this is because Jonah found himself a nice spot to watch the destruction of the city. I guess for his personal entertainment. Who Knows?
:Added Content 01 July 2013:
This is about prophets and mentors. The psychological outcomes which they may encounter with the people who they communicate with.
In this real life I know of a man retired from the USAF. He told me he was on the outs with his father. He a heated argument
The son said; I'm going into the military to be an airplane mechanic.
The father said; Your not good enough or smart enough to work on any airplanes.
The son went into the USAF the very next day and retired with honors. That now retired man told me how well that reverse psychology worked on him. He eventually loved his father for it. Especially, when the time came when the two men became brothers in arms. While still father and son. They both experienced a hell which is not usually ever communicated with any civilian. Which often includes wives and children. It isn't about keeping secrets. Its about protecting those who are innocent from carrying their memories of hell.
The father probably knew he was losing his son and in that last verbal outburst became a mentor or a prophet. By telling his son the opposite of what he believed. In the hopes that the bad son would become so focused that he proved his father wrong. Both men were American war heroes.

:Story of Fiction:
I have told this story about two parents who took their children to see a psychic/prophet. For a glimpse at what their children would become as adults. The two children were of a similar age. One was a boy and the other a girl. The psychic saw the boy and his mother first. The psychic declared that the boy would grow up to be an important and wealthy man. He would become married and have 6 children. All of whom would become successful in their own right. They both came out excited and very happy and told the waiting parent and her daughter the wonderful news they had received. All about fame, fortune and family. The two waiting became excited as well as the psychic/prophet called them in. The psychic began with hesitation and then another. Then in the most positive spin. The psychic declaration is made. You will grow up to be an average young woman. You will marry an average young man and have 3 average kids. Nothing drastically or traumatically bad will happen in your life or that of your family. That is really all there is.
The mother and daughter quietly left and went home. The mother sensing her daughter s quiet demeanor. Said; You are going to have a good life. No pit falls. Many people would wish to have an average life with average kids. But, all the daughter heard was average, average, average and more average. She hated the average word already. By the very next day the girl began to study twice as hard and spent more time studying. She worked hard every day. Then into college she received a scholarship to attend an Ivory League university.  She became a Lawyer and then she became a Judge. She was married to another Lawyer and they had 4 kids. End of her story.
The young boy and his mother went out and celebrated. For a month everyday was a birthday. The boy slowed down on his studies and sports. He spent his days wondering how great and rich and famous he was going to be. Then the time for college came around and he figured he didn't need that because he was going to be rich anyway. So, why work so hard. He went and got a job and got fired. Then another job and got fired from it to. His parents died and now he was homeless. So, begins his career in crime. He got caught over and over and eventually the government refused to let him out into society. He had two kids by two different women and they seemed to be destined to be like their father. Failed criminals. End of his story.

The question.
Was the psychic/prophet right or wrong? Then read the green letters below. Then read about the two essential stories about Joseph and Pharaoh. Then read about Jonah. In the other prophetic related writings I use these two stories often. These two stories are the all encompassing guides in understanding all prophecy.
Ask yourself?
Was the Pharaohs dream accurate or wrong? When did it become inaccurate?
God/Allah promised he would destroy the city. Jonah was so convinced that God/Allah would destroy the city he picked a good vantage spot to watch all of the upcoming destruction. Was God wrong? or was Jonah have a temper tantrum?
What is the purpose of a prophet or mentor? Are they not the same person or persons? If anyone can be a mentor, then anyone can be a prophet, right? A mentor is a prophet. A prophet is a mentor. Except in today's society we have prophets of doom and mentors positively encourage for future goals and dreams. They are both the same. Even though society has split them up.
:Added on 01 July 2013:
Prophecy is only probable, when a simple revelation can alter everything. Which must be followed with good and righteous works of prevention.

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: