Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mocking Noises: (Unedited): 22 June 2013:

The empathic mocking bird who sings a new song without knowing or understanding the meaning and essence. Makes only empty noises. 
The newly awakened empath embraces their inner mocking bird. This is one of those lessons. It is not enough to just learn to mimic a new song or learn to mimic a new thing. The empathic Journey to find their own self defined meaning and purpose is found on their path they follow. The empath must freely decide for themselves to dig deeper into the new song or thing they have learned. By doing so, the empath finds substance and depth. Thus resulting in a profound song which becomes individually interpreted. Wisdom and Understanding is more important than just simple knowledge. Do not be satisfied with just simple mimicking knowledge. Any mocking bird can learn a new tune. The mocking bird who has their own particular journey. Will soar higher and faster than any other. Which is beyond the simple knowledge that to do so is possible. To actually to it and know how and why. Is understanding at work. To makes those oops are those hard lessons which quickly grows wisdom. To observe others go oops. Are also learning wisdom from other peoples errors in their own life.  

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Enchanted Spirits
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