Thursday, June 20, 2013

Perceptions Aware: (Unedited): 20 June 2013:

Your awareness that a certain spooky thing is getting larger or more powerful is just your perceptions increasing. C.J.MacKechnie
Becoming aware of a spiritual structure is like a blind person discovering a completely new object or thing. As you discover, learn and understand more of this spiritual structure, it will seem to increase. If you have a room full of blind people all touching a new object in different places, each will have his or her own perspective of the unknown spiritual structure. These are just puzzle pieces of the whole. This means that the group must find one another to objectively discuss their perceptions without emotion. This is necessary to ascertain what the object is, which means beware of absolute declarations based on partial and incomplete information.
Ask those questions which do not revolve or involve you. Separate yourself from your own needs, wants and enjoyment. Because, if that spiritual structure is designed and engineered to serve all, then you will not discover the truth of its true nature, origin or even functional purpose.
Ever watch the fictional movie Cocoon (1985)? The old guys are swimming in the pool and decide to open the rocks. They were unknowingly taking the life energy of the sealed-up aliens without ever being aware and without caring to be aware, until the aliens arrive and get upset. Have a little compassion and care for the unknown object which seems to serve all who spiritually touch it.
I'm a guy, so my example is for guys. If your a girlie girl then replace cars/trucks with a dress or shoes. I just learned that girls will fight over shoes.... Really?....
Have you ever noticed that something you were not aware of just did not exist in your life, and then you buy a jeep or some other car/truck that you discovered you really liked. Now all of a sudden you see your now favorite car/truck everywhere. Same thing, except way more important.
Your awareness has a definite effect on what you perceive. If you do not believe a certain thing is real then you will not perceive it, no matter if it is real or not, associated or not associated or both within our dimension or not.
The movie "A Field of Dreams", where Doc saves Karen-movie clip 6 of 9 on YouTube. Watch where the unbeliever suddenly becomes aware. Of course this is fictional story but the result is very similar and will be related directly to your specific psychology and knowledge foundation.
The adult lead characters had to make the journey just to begin to believe and found difficulty to accept this new weird compulsion, whereas the child character seemed to easily believe and to easily accept things just the way they are.
Warning. For those who have always been unbelievers, even though everyone thinks you have always been a believer, any miracle you witness may be just for you. Think about that hard. However you define God, Allah or the Divine, the movie showed an innocent suffering soul, just so the unbeliever would witness the unexplained and forever be changed. We easily ignore even the simple miracles because we are just not aware. Angels continuously walk amongst us simple humans. All you have to do is take the time to just really watch what is really going on, like on an empty field of dead ball players. Even a ghost may need its own miracle, just to become aware of a truth.
There is zero intention to insult any person with any disability, like the visually impaired. My use is for comparison only because it seems we humans are all spiritually without any sense. LOL if you like this truth. I say this knowing I'm in the same spiritually senseless boat that we seem to be sharing together.
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