Monday, August 26, 2013

Heartless Soulless : (Unedited): 26 Aug 2013:

: Heartless Soulless : (Unedited): 26 Aug 2013:
 A heart which become heartless and a soul which becomes soulless, loses meaning and purpose in all things.
Very negative quote. But, very honest. Seek out the unknown positive meaning and purpose. do not just accept the negative at face value. There is a positive message within. Always find the positive message and lesson in all things which are negative in your life. You may just find that wisdom. 
On the surface of this quote the end result is everything is lost. For you the reader right now, everything is not lost. Regain your own heart and soul. Renew your own mind with the good wisdom of the ancient elders. In doing so, Your re-emergence into a beautiful butterfly shall be achieved. Even the butterfly was once a lowly caterpillar unable to control it's own eating habits. (No, this is not a permission for you to eat and eat, or to become a drunk or to become a druggy or to become a really bad person. What this means is from your own place of imprisonment and it matters not by choice or by force. You can become an enlightened butterfly). yes, it is possible and probable. No it won't be easy. For some butterfly's never escape their place of secluded darkness. If you are one of those who shall be imprisoned to death. Then become the light source within your imprisoned facility. Assist those who can have freedom in their assigned time. To be that butterfly. To become that new re-creation of self. Free from the influences of gangs life, crime life, social restraints, cultural enslavement and racial deceptions.
Morality and honor become unimportant. Self respect and respect for any other life becomes unimportant. Righteousness and holiness become a useless and wasted thought process. Pride and all selfish desires become incredibly important. Until, such a time when their importance wanes and nothing more is thrilling. Extinction by choice becomes a valid suicidal option.
This things are important in order to continue on thriving in any modern society. The adherence to the logical law of life. Life exist when love, peace and harmony exists. Of course this doesn't refer to basic life forms. This is for more advanced intelligent life forms. To continue on in life you must adhere to all of the common wisdom as taught by the wise men and women throughout the ages. So as long as their own words absolutely conform and agree with these principles of  life= love, peace, harmony. 
Morality, Integrity, Honor respect and all of the other positive commonly known word of logic and emotion which agree. This is the only way to achieve a life worth living. Any thing contrary breeds eventual death. To achieve death one must pursue Hate, War and chaos. Along with all of the other inverse words associated with the life formula. Any mixing of the logical life and death formulas diminishes life and extends death. All to varying degrees. 
To live purely within the life formula may seem rigid and strict on the surface. Especially to those who think they have been experiencing a life of thrill and adventure at the cost of suffering and misery to others. To live with a self chosen agreement of the logical life formula does offer the most personal freedom and extension of life. Joy and happiness will eventually be known to the free soul who daily freely chooses to live a life in accordance to the logical formula. 
By doing so. Evolution will be hastened. Ascension becomes probable and the meeting of God a physical reality.

 May not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: