Saturday, August 10, 2013

Prophets Prophecies: (Unedited): 10 Aug 2013:

The prophets of old and the prophets of new.
The prophecies of old and the prophecies of new.
Matters not to the perfectly hearing and deaf ears.
Matters not to the healthy and hardened heart.
Matters not to the mind which only seeks 
selfish desires of wealth and nothing more. 
When the wind is the only recipient to the warning
 cries of the prophets? Armageddon comes for us all
and is caused by us all.  
No matter who you are and what you may believe. The prophecies of all of the prophets, both accepted and not are to be listened to and acted upon. The probable prophetic words of the prophets are to be acted upon in a collective attempt to prevent and or mitigate all undesirable events. It matters not if your Christian or a native American Shaman elder who has spoken or written of terrible things which are to happen to the world. It matters not if your Islamic or a Buddhist Holy woman who speaks or has written of dire times for the whole population of the world. They all should be heard and each human being should act in accordance in the prevention or mitigation. Especially if all of the trials and tribulations to come is in response to the spiritual condition of the entire planets population. 
To prevent and or mitigate all of the trials and tribulations which is or has come to this planet of our use. All we each need to do is very simple. You do not need to see a holy man, A shaman or even go to the place where miracles are occurring. All you need to do is:
Love One Another
Live In Peace
Exist In Harmony
So that we all may have a life worth living. 
All life is worth it.
And pray that the GOD of our understanding averts all of the trials and tribulations.
War no more. Know that the human being in which you point your blade, aim your gun sights on and target your missile. Is in fact your brother. Those leaders who have told you differently has lied to you. You give your own life so that they may profit from your willing sacrifice.
Your actions in this time is a direct reflection of the condition of your heart, atrophy of spirit and the state of your deceived mind. Which the world you have today is a creation by you.
All of Humanity will become purified both physically and spiritually. All of humanity will suffer. all of humanity will feel the misery of the whole world. 5+ Billion people will perish in a short period of time.  Maybe even extinction of the entire human species. That is where we are right now. Noah and his family were the remnant, who survived. How many humans were in the Ark? That is an example of a remnant.
I speak this truth in which you may not believe. It all can be averted, right now. Just live as the blue words above has declared to you or become blue yourself. It is and always has been your free choice and still is. Live or die. Innocent or guilty. It is all up to you. War no more and go home to your wives and children. Because they would rather have you present than you presented in a casket. But, when 5 Billion begin to die. It will be to late for us all. The first serious prophesied event approaches soon. All that has come before has only been birth pangs. The birth pangs will continue until and throughout all of those dire prophetic events.
Become a righteous and holy prophet of GOD/ALLAH. By living a righteous and holy life. Pray and meditate often to GOD/ALLAH. Do not automatically believe any man who wears costumes and stands above you. He is no better than you and is not superior to you. They are just men. Just as you and I are.
If any man who stands above you and proclaims anything which is contrary to love, peace, harmony and life. HE IS A LIAR AND A DECEIVER.  Their god is the father of lies, deceptions, death and destruction. If those who are in authority and have the power, are of Satan. Then the evidence of their unity will be despair, depression, destruction and death. What do you see around you? Destruction? Death? Despair? Depression? What do you see, hear and feel around you? Then, there is your answer.

GOD/ALLAH is Truth, Life, Love, Peace and Harmony. If you do not have these things in your life right now. Then there is satan in your life pretending to be the agent of God/Allah.

Updated and partially edited on: 13 Aug 2013 :
Updated on 16 Aug 2013:
I just viewed StarGate SG1 Season 4, Episode 16.  (Yes, This is a lesson from a fictional series).
How should a prophecy be acted upon? Even if the information is transmitted in a logically explainable way or not. Taking immediate action upon receipt. Alters the future if not outright changes it entirely. In regards to all of those bad and sad prophecies. There is always hope in their absolute prevention until the day when those events manifest into our reality.
 May not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: