Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Slavery Evolution: (Unedited): 07 Aug 2013:

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Slavery has evolved into a more civilized form.
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From forced denial of education by law to a willing choice to refuse education.
This includes the denial achieve a command of the common language at birth. The slaves of old spoke as uneducated persons. the modern day slaves purposely butcher the common language as an ignorant form of some cultural right. The new slave culture where those people are not even aware they are slaves by another name.

From forced separation of family members to a willingness to separate the self from any family.
Interesting answer as to why separate family members. 

From being owned as high value property to an owner who is responsible for the slaves life. To becoming a part of the working class with no owner. No longer is the owner responsible for the slaves welfare, care and life.

The use of addictive substances to control the slave population.
Added on 11 Oct 2013:
The truth behind the importance of education.