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Beasts Revealed: (Unedited): 27 Oct 2013:

Work in Progress. There will be corrections as I go and as i receive content error messages.
The symbols have always been present and yet you continued to allow yourselves to be deceived. 
Life equals love, peace and harmony. 
There cannot be peace or harmony if you do not love one another.  This is the only way for humanity to save themselves. If all of the common peoples of the Earth were to begin to love one another, Live in peace and exist in harmony with all things. Then Jesus, God and the two prophets will not have to come to save us from ourselves.
The essential lessons of how to handle and deal with prophecies is in the Holy Bible. With that mindset re-read the stories of Noah, Jonah and Joseph and the Pharaoh. This is how we are to respond to any bad and sad prophecies. Search out by previous writings and see where I am leading to. Discover for yourself why I believe that how the entire Christian Faith is insane in how prophecy is taught. You may disagree and that is fine. My belief is not contrary to the Holy Bible. My disagreement is how man teaches their false understanding of how to deal with prophecy. Not the words of the prophets do I disagree with. Even if they are unaccepted prophets as deemed by men in yours or my faith.
My approach is very simple and selfish. I have asked myself a simple question. Do I want to meet an angry GOD or a loving Heavenly Father and Heavenly Family? Just ask yourself that question, really! So, This was followed up with another question. How do I not meet an angry GOD? Follow HIS laws and precepts. Not because I have to but because I want to and because it is logical to maintain the life of HIS creations. Very important distinction here. Because, GOD has given us free choice to live our lives however we want to. Which is why HE does not strike you/me dead for any and all of the sins you/i have ever or will commit. Free choice is important. All of the laws are made because of the power of Love.

If the prophecies are of natural occurrences. Then all of humanity can work together to mitigate and or prevent the terrible natural occurrence from happening or at the very least prepare enough to save lives.
This will be a revelation of a secret which may be to difficult to accept. The acceptance of truth can be very difficult to digest. Especially, when there is a need for you to take the necessary action in your lives to alter the outcome of all of the bad and sad prophecies. If you do not take the necessary actions, right now. Extinction as has been prophesied will occur. This is difficult for me to formulate and to accept.

The identity of all of the Beasts.
Bear Beast 3 RIBS

The bear beast is a combination of Russia, USA and the Catholic faith and is a creation of the sea, which is the people. All of the misdeeds done by the beast is the curse of humanity upon itself. Inside the rib cage is the dwelling place of the spirit, Your true identity and personage. So, the rib cage must be some kind of special place within the body which can hold and interact with the spirit.
There are 3 ribs in the jaws of the Bear beast. 3 halves of a individual wholes. What this means is the beast devoured 3 things possibly countries, continents and took half of each.
There also may be a significance in the mastery of 3 new weapons systems which has been unseen and unknown in concepts but has been weaponized effectively. 
Lion with Eagles Wings Beast

I think the lions can be multiple things which are created by man. The countries of the world and the political powers which govern them may be the lion. The wings of an Eagle. Both types of animals are very predatory over the world. The eagles wings gives the lion to fly where ever it wants. The lions ability to express its will upon the world. The lions are the countries and the wings are the military forces deployed. This beast is political and religious authorities. The wings is the military force deployed. As we get closer to the end times.  Those forces which are actively in war and on a forward military footing is all individual body parts of the Lion beast with Eagles wings. The Christian Crusades are still active. Is the US military the Puppet of the Catholic church? or is the lion of Christianity using the wings of the USA to express its will over the world?
Out of chaos created, the politician can bring order. Thus, uplifting himself into a higher plane of self importance and possible positions of greater authority.. 
Governments, politics, religions and power hungry men are this lion beast with Eagles wings. 
The population of man are the individual water droplets, becoming a great sea upon the Earth.
So all of the beasts which comes out of the sea are the creation of all of humanity. Thus, it can be said, That all of the soon to come bad and sad prophecies are the fault of all of humanity and not from GOD.  All of the beasts are birthed from the sea of humanity. Thus, they are all of one parentage. Though the Beasts are different, there are all brothers in unity to one another. There is oneness of the beasts. A unified agreement. To rule and to devour all of those who oppose.
I am discovering commonalities between the Bear Beast and the Lion beast with Eagles wings. 
Added on 31 Oct 2013: 
The four beast and all of the other beasts are all under one authority. This singular authority is the singular machine and all of the beasts are just individual components of that one grand machine.
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