Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two Witnesses: (Unedited): 31 Oct 2013:

Prophecies predict the coming of the Two Witnesses. Each religion and culture which has prophesied about the two will see them come. But, when the two come they will not be accepted by any and will be a threat to all aspects of establishment.  
The two Witnesses will not be under any human authority or control and will not obey any human law or tradition. The whole of this Earth celebrates the visible murder of the two. Just think about that for a moment. Everyone celebrates their killing. The little horn of one beast boast much.
These two Witnesses are from GOD and the entire population is so deceived with the lies of the world. That they all cannot see the two Witnesses for who they are. Which also means all of the religions and cultures which have prophesied their arrival. This should startle you to be awakened. The hour draws near and you cannot stay awake and pray just a little longer.
I think the two prophets, brothers, witnesses or however they are described within your religion or culture. Come because we the people how become we the deceived.
To prevent their or stop their coming. It is important for you to cease your sins and flee from all other sins. It is important for you to see that it is important for you to love one another, live in peace and exist in harmony with all things. Can you do these things by simple choice or do you have to be threatened in a variety of ways. You need to begin to see on your own the importance in living your life which encompasses Love, Peace and Harmony. To do so means all who are within your personal world shall have an opportunity to live a life worth living.

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