Sunday, October 27, 2013

Entertained Feasts: (Unedited): 27 Oct 2013:

The evildoers and deceivers become entertained when they can cause a good person to freely choose to walk out of the divine light and into their shadows. Their feast thus begins. 

You can hear their mashing of teeth as they can easily see you from their darkness. It is not enough for these evildoers and deceivers to just rush into the light and then devour you. You must freely choose to walk out of the light and into their darkness. Thus, their meal becomes just that more tastier.
Beware of the ploys from those wolves in sheep's clothing. Always,  Be aware of your own thoughts and emotions. If you begin to transition away from good and positive feelings into those thoughts and feelings of combat and wrongfulness. Then you are being drawn out of and away from the divine light and it is by your own free choice that you do so. Even if you are unaware. The spiritually weak and the weak minded are the unknowing prey of the evil predators.
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