Saturday, November 16, 2013

Profound extinction: (Unedited): 16 Nov 2013:

Distinctively profound changes in your life. Will always become your extinction as you continue on anew.  
To suddenly become something you have never even considered. Is past tense. The fundamental change to you has already occurred. You are now a new creature. Hopefully a better and more positive one. But, sometimes the change can be the opposite of good and positive. The extinction of a good man often brings sadness to your loved ones.  While the extinction of the bad man brings a rejoicing to your loved ones.
Strive to be a good person by putting away those things which were once considered bad and evil.
Fight the apathy which has been put into you from the world. Regain your whole humanity by discovering you compassion and empathy for others. Even if you do not know them. Learn to love all of your brothers and sister. No matter whose mother they were born to or what lands they happen to be from.
Merge into your life the basic principles of love, peace and harmony. This is the only for everyone to have a life worth living and for the continuation of all life on the planets.
Before I began writing and just before I met my last girlfriend who became my one and only wife (22+ Years of marriage). i was a bad person. There is no better way to explain it. i just did not care about other peoples feelings. i did not even care about myself. The fading scars on my knuckles, knees, arms, feet and other places are those reminders. Which i desire to be gone. The nick name of TAX which meant (Everyone will pay and they did). Is a long ago name which still at times burdens my soul. That bad person who was TAX is dead and extinct. Who i was is not who i am today. Hopefully a change for the better.

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