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2014 Prophecy: (Unedited): 24 Dec 2013:

This is not in any specific order. These are just things to be on the look out for. This is for the whole of the world.  

All prophecies which involves the decisions and actions of man. Can be altered and changed. All of the most famous of prophets. It matters not if you are believing or accepting of them. have all predicted some very terrible things for humanities future. The vast majority of those bad, sad and terrible things to come seem to be based on human decisions. Which means all of those bad, sad and terrible predictions made by all of those famous prophets can be altered and prevented. Which includes humanities extinction. This is my hope. To the leaders of the world. Embrace kindness. Embrace forgiveness. Embrace those whom you are in conflict with as your brothers. 

The key countries for 2014. works in progress.

A). Beginning and end of 2014. Very harsh winter. Winters to become longer and colder.  
B). Nationalized energy possibility or just the idea expressed. Maybe an actuality. Look for a cause event. (USA). WRONG!
C). The United nations flexes some muscle or exercises powers never before seen. May be seen as a humanitarian event. HIT In regards to Ukraine and Russia. Check the news.
D). A meteor impact. Maybe similar in size to the 2013 Russian impact or larger. Meteors impact the Earth all of the time. May be something different than the common. Updated on 30 Dec 2013: This is just the beginning. World wide views of spectacular meteor views. Signs in the heavens and on our star. Watch the moon for new impacts.Double HIT Nicaragua’s crowded capital Managua. Moon Hit http://www.space.com/24789-moon-meteorite-impact-brightest-lunar-explosion.html .
E). The International Monetary Fund. Takes action to further stabilize the world economies.  
F). A new political doctrine which embraces both the capitalistic forms of communism and the communistic forms of capitalism. Something agreed upon by both world views.
G). UFO's or extraterrestrial news world wide. Fleets appearing as stars and moving in formations. WRONG!!
H). USA. New organizations or re-organizations of the CIA, DOD, NSA. Maybe be space related. Maybe just revealed or more commonly known publicly. A low probability of strange technologies revealed or observed. WRONG!!
I). A new technological concept revealed. MAYBE WRONG!! Wireless battery charging.
J). Major Israeli news. A new Israel era begins. Israel is no longer just a small middle eastern parcel of land. World wide influence is commonly known. Financial Support no longer needed? A new Jewish beginning. WRONG!!
K). India and Pakistan peace news. Which may come after severe harshness. Which may also lead to a nuclear exchange. Either way peace. Hope for cool heads or Radiation in China. HIT Sort of.
L). India becomes more tied with Russia, Europe and China. Less friends and ties with the USA. India will buy whatever military hardware they can from the USA and resell it to others or re-engineer it for other uses. Such as space related. Hit. Do a news check.
M). Chinese pride ramps up. Chinese unity begins. "Jade Rabbit". 10 years to greatness if the leadership is bold enough to focus upon space. Forget imaginary lines and sunken islands. end. China look upwards and go upwards. Do not move your forces westward. MOVING WEST Militarily.
N). India may take the space lead. But will become second to China. Just the beginnings. http://www.isro.org/
O). European riots intensify. European dis-unity. Hit. Scotland may obtain independence. Immigrant related riots all over Europe. Now that European Islamic persons are beheading journalists and an English little ole ladies. It is only a matter of time before the whole of Europe begins to get more serious about riots. 
P). USA begins an obvious decline. After possible disasters. Which are directly tied to it's movement away from the protections of the Divine. This is already obvious to those who crunch data. To become magnified around 2015-2016. The completion of the expansion of the Panama Canal is symbolic and is a beginning. The destruction of the hover dam as well as other dams. Hit. More for 2015-2016 then 2014. There is a military decline and President Obama does not seem interested in Foreign affairs unless forced to.
Q). Russia is already building up their assets, as in all of them. No change for Russia. Russia is in a race for military build-up. May be not enough time. Russia ties to the USA comes to an end. Privately yes. publicly no. (end). The importance of Russia in the world is of human survivability and absolute extinction. Do not drive your forces south. No matter what. (Not 2014 related). HIT. Crimea and Ukraine military actions. Which is necessary for their future.
R). Japan is in duality. Life or death? Decisions and actions of every kind will dictate their continuation or end. Japan as an assimilated/continuation people or as a extinct people. Peaceful decisions will reflect in continuation and assimilation. Warlike decisions will end in their extinction. Humble yourselves. Make amends to China and other Asian peoples. Seek forgiveness everywhere. The island of Japan is a scared place. Your evil pride will destroy the island. You must act now in honor. The first steps in regaining honor is admittance and then apology. Peacefully end all disagreements with your Asian brothers and sisters. Japans duality is in relation to reflection of the old imperial history and of their own future survival. Maybe, they instinctively know that merging with other peoples is the only way they survive. Even if it is only their unique Genetic makeup which survives.
S). A great sadness from devout Catholics in regards to their church. The on going demise of the Catholic Church. The enemies of the Catholic faith begin to wear sideways crosses in celebration. To represent the fallen Catholic/Christian church. This is ongoing prophecy. Hit. Check the news.
T). (Added on 04 Jan 2014): With the discontinuation of support service for Microsofts aging XP operating system and office 2003. Those who wish to exploit the security vulnerabilities are waiting for  08 April 2014. Those Viruses and Trojans have already been created and the black hats are just waiting. Their race to control those operating systems and to gain confidential information is their goals. See note. Hit. Goodwill international. Goodwill of the Suncoast. Which was XP related.
Added on 30 Dec 2013: (S). sideways cross information.

None of these relate to my definition. One was dated back to March 2013. I have been thinking about the Catholic Church much lately and the Popes comments. I see it as a fallen cross and not a sideways cross. 
T NOTE: Added on 04 Jan 2014: In your business and personal computers contains any private information. You really need to stop using Microsoft Windows XP Operating System and Office 2003 before 08 April 2014. This is crucial and very important. A minor alert will be those unsecured driver's associated with the XP operating system and Office 2003. A lot of XP related hardware cannot be upgraded to those newer Microsoft operating systems. You must upgrade entirely both hardware and software.  
It is all about the money of course.
Added on 09 Jan 2014: Corrected @ 1545 Hrs. Partial Hit. I got lost. no signs in the water.
Just awoke from a dream about southern Louisiana. A satellite image  of some kind of new old hag problem in the Gulf of Mexico.
I deleted the Methane gas and earthquake question as I remember seeing a visible gas above the Gulf of Mexico. Not sure at this time what it is or was. Also, not sure if this is to be a 2014 event or not. 
 These are what was in the dream. 
1). A satellite photo of northern Gulf of Mexico and southern Louisiana.  With smoke or cloud cover. The image was real time actual color as seen from orbit.
2). Audio comment. The old hag returns or the old hag raises her ugly head again. Not sure how this applies but seemed related to the broken well rig from a few years back. 
3). Audio comment. There has not been .... (I think this is related to oil seepage).
Added on 08 Sept 2014:
I may have been off on this one. As the methane gasses from the waters is from the Atlantic Ocean. There is much news on the arctic methane releases.

----------------------- http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Old+hag
Added on 09 Jan 2014 @ 2143 Hrs.
Earthquake 24km NNE of Corralillo Cuba today 09 Jan 2014 @ 1557 UTC-05:00.
5.1 at a depth of 10.0 km.
The shocks were felt throughout Key West, Florida. 
 Added on 02 Feb 2014: Possible hit. probably just a beginning of their woes. Old hag maybe related to repeating problems.
Added on 21 Jan 2014:
Research the news for yourself. Japan and China are on their war footing. I do not want Japan to lose a war. I do not want there to be a war at all. In the end Japan will lose any war. Japan must pursue peace and a re-joining with their brethren with China. I do find it interesting that China holds the most US debt and Japan is second. If one loses a war. Does that debt disappear? 

2014 Chapters

John 4: Those persons of religion who are or have become more than just religious are becoming seekers of truth and are no longer worshiping on this mountain nor in jerUSAlem. Those who have and are devout. Will no longer go to church. Will this be the beginning of 2014? Something which may be very difficult to measure. A deception of the great falling away from the faith. A separation from the chaff of the devout's. Something seen as the devout's just simply disappear from view.
Those who cannot or will not become more than just religious will remain blinded and unseeing. Those stuck on tradition will remain stuck in their faith.

1 John 2:
This is the last hour. Those who love their brother and sister will not love the world. They will keep the commands and accept the Son. 
It would be difficult to remain in the Father or to know the Father if you are participating in warfare. In the USA choosing early retirement is an option for you. If you are truly a believer. Leave the military should be a very real decision for you. I think it is in all military branches of the military. You cannot love your brother if you yourself are on a war footing.
Sin no more.

Exodus 22:
Is about living righteously and with honor. Which is not socially of the world. The rejection of the cultures which is based in lies. If you have done bad things, Then you make amends.  It isn't about who witnessed you do a wrong or not. Did you or did you not? It isn't about what can or cannot be proven in a court of worldly law. Where an innocent person can go to prison while the guilty is deemed free.

Psalms 114:
A tough time on Earth to come.

John 4,  Exodus 22, 2 Kings 19, Psalms 114, Daniel 2,
Added on 24 Jan 2014:
R: Added more content about Japan on my Japan Domed Country Blog.
Updated on 08 Sept 2014:
D): Update: Gotta Hit Literally.
Added on 25 Sept 2014:
It looks like I have confused long term prophecies with prophecies for the next year. this is a learning event for me. Prophecy 2015 has already begun. I'm already in error with the Jewish new year. I do think the Jewish Hebrew calender is more in line with prophetic words and prophetic time table. Which means those who use the worlds calender will be missing a lot just because of this error. The error is 3 months prior to 2015 and another 3 months during 2015. That is a lot of time and error in prophecy. Something that those who speak prophecy may be confused about like me.

Added on 27 Sept 2014: The possible beginning to the end of island Japan. It has been 3.5 years since the Fukushima disaster. Now a surprise volcanic eruption in central Japan. 
A great tribulation comes to Japan. The leadership of Japan must turn away from their evil ways and re-seek what is means to be honorable. Must make amends with their siblings in China and elsewhere.
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