Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Family of God: (Unedited): 13 August 2014:

 Note form of thoughts. A new spiritual revelation for me.May edit and add content from time to time as I glean more information.
Can you take in and absorb in the entire concept that the all of everything is alive as a single universal organism as well as each and every unique individual life form? C.J.MacKechnie
This is my overpowering glimpse of the life within the universe is very basic pieces. Like in a puzzle. My mind can only handle short glimpses of each puzzle piece. 
What this means is that everything is alive from a single water molecule to the entire moisture content on this planet as a singular being. This is the same for a single tree as a unique individual to a entire forest as a tribe of tree. Which speaks as one. Our entire solar system is a unique individual an is a member of the galactic tribe. The milky way galaxy which is in the process of merging with another galaxy is a unique individual until the two merges into one singular organism. Both ceasing in their unique existence and becoming something very new and very alive. Even from all of the perceived destruction's there is always new life created.
From the smallness of each individual human being. We are the children of our parent star and our parent star is the child of the galactic center. Our galaxy is the child of something else until it is the child of the entire universe which the entire of the entire universe's is the children of the one Holy God.
Upon this realization. It is difficult to know that I absorb and consume in order to live. I take away from that which is alive. That which is alive must die in order for me to live and to exist in this modern form of comfort.
I've also learned the degree of the end result of the purification process for this planet yet to come. The Earth shall be transformed back into a molten liquid ball of fire all the way through to the core of this very planet.
The Earth shall not be destroyed, Just reborn into a pure state of rebirth after humanity and the fallen angels contaminated the whole planet to the point that it is necessary for the planet to become reborn.

This is something I inherently know. You are not only your physical body. Your true essence is within your chest cavity in another state of being or dimension. Which means that two objects are truly occupying the same space at the same time. Inter-dimensionally this is possible.
 In our physical dimension. This is not possible. Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Which this famous formula is incomplete.
When two objects do occupy the same space at the same time. The two objects cease to exist and become something else. Which can be predicted from the two or more objects trying to occupy the same space at the same time.

What does this mean to everyone and everything on this planet? Your physical state of being isn't really that important in the grand scheme of things. Only your essence or your spirit is important. This is what God is gonna do in accordance to my very limited understanding.
God is going to react directly to human and fallen angel actions upon this planet. To such a degree that even the oceans and our central star will cry out to God. The Earth knows it will rebirth or become purified by fire, all of it.
I still do not believe there will be a rapture of the religious. The religious will have to endure unto the end of their respective lives and then wait for final judgement of their spirit being. At which time their guardian or helper angel will speak on their behalf or not. At which point the spirit will be given a new body or snatched into hell until final destruction.
It doesn't really matter what you or I want to believe or not believe.

This very brief summary is going to happen because God has had to react again. The first time with His son in which we (Humanity, Jews) murdered on the cross. All of humanity should be embarrassed at the sons birth, the sons life and death of the son. It was because of all of our collective sins in the past, the present and the future. The next time Jesus comes. I do not think any one will rejoice. Today, the Christians are rejoicing the sons coming, but that will change. Just as every one is supposed to cheer the death of the two brothers who are murdered. Yet, they two will rise up in three days.
So, How can we save ourselves our temples? Is it even possible to do so? Yes, it is very possible but not very probable. Do you understand the difference? This is how you may become one of the physical remnant if God selects you.
You cannot contaminate your DNA in any way. This may already be an impossibility and not of your choice at birth. If the human DNA has already been altered. You must consider your body as a temple as well as your mind. You cannot contaminate either of them at all. This probably includes medicines/vaccines, GMO foods, drinks, mind altering substances and EMF. This will probably include any means in which your mind can be subliminally altered.
So can you still live and exist in this world? how is it your reading this digital content? can you do without all of electrical devices?
Then you must obey all of the laws of God. Not because you have to, Not because you are forced to or even threatened. because, YOU WANT TO. Because somewhare deep inside you know it is the right thing to do and you want to always do what is right or righteous.
Then again because you want to and not because you have to.
To love one another
To live in peace with everyone.
 To exist in harmony with all things.
Even if your DNA has already been altered to the point that GOD allows you to perish during the tribulations to come. Your essence or your spirit will still be saved. Just endure unto the end with your faith, your belief and with your righteousness. Always remember the evidence of your faith is in the works you do from the love of your heart. It goes the same with the works of your life. You do the works because you want to and not because you have to or should. You do not do works because you want your ledger to be in the black.
Listen to Loki a god in the end. I used the little g.
If for a remote possibility that humanity does and is capable of rejecting all of the direct contamination from the incredibly powerful fallen angels who are amongst us. Then we may have a human reprieve. I think a reprieve is better than extinction of the entire human race.
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