Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Heart Encounters: (Unedited): 09 Sept 2014:

The apathetic Heart is unaffected by any sufferings it encounters. 
I just recently viewed an accident. The first vehicles to pass through this T-Bone accident. In which speed was an issue. Many people just drove on through it.
I watched on the news of how a truck driver saved lives in a brutal and explosive accident. While a white van just drove on though it. Without a care.
I have been viewing social experiments on the YouTube. The dog locked in a hot car or the baby locked in a hot car. This is very sad to know. Many people will purposely ignore a crying baby just to get their groceries home. Thus, allowing a baby to die. Granted, If I had been involved, I probably would have beaten the bat snot out of those guys who had created the social experiment.

If you can walk by a beating, a rape, a murder or any kind of suffering and feel nothing. Then your very own heart has truly become less than human. An apathetic heart is the heart of a basic animal. But, even the heart of animals mourns the death of their own children. Even the heart of animals defends their mates in life and death situations. Even to their own deaths. Just to save the ones they love. How much more is the human heart? That humanity loses their collective heart and becomes less than the beasts of the Earth. By the way "Earth" is not the real name of this living planet. 

The heart of humanity seems to be all becoming more and more apathetic. War is becoming common place and no one seems to be concerned. So as long as they can go shopping. The apathetic heart of the world will become more and more prevalent. Even to the point where suffering and genocide is accepted. So as long as it doesn't happen to me.
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