Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Foolish Heart: Suffering Happiness: (Unedited): 09 Sept 2014:

The foolish heart is entertained by other peoples sufferings. 
 The historical depictions of the Roman coliseum. Where the people fill this great ancient structure to watch great horrors as a form of entertainment.
In modern society of today. people watch the sufferings of others as a form of entertainment. The stupid things people do or the accidents which causes injuries or deaths. The beatings of innocents by mobs. School kids who are in the know turn on their cell phone to video an unsuspecting target get a beating. In which no one else even makes an attempt to help the targeted victim.
The foolish heart can even be the one taking action against others. Maybe even as a form of unhealthy empowerment, pride or ego or all of the above. The man or woman who goes through life destroying other peoples hearts and then finding entertainment within it.
I know of a guy who is considered eye candy to the ladies. Some ladies will even wait hours outside of his work just to be with him as soon as they can be with him. He knows exactly who they are and what they are. To him they are all female dogs in heat. To him causing harm is of no importance. But, bragging about his very real conquests is his entertainment, his enjoyment his false thinking that he is more man than others. He is not even aware or is caring of the harm he does. Even to other peoples marriages.
I have heard the same with women and have known of women who are animals. The kind of women who can have any man who even shows the least bit of interest. Even if they are married. This is her real power and she absorbs it all. Laughing about them all and describing to the those the pleasures she has felt.
Both of these kinds of men and women often times ignore the fact that they are lonely and are only using others to stem that loneliness. Just like the drug addict or alcoholic who needs that drug or alcohol in order to feel good, even if for a moment.
The fools heart is truly foolish. No matter how the world defines the perfection of their physical attributes.
How many celebrated and cheered the viewing of  the video of NFL star Ray Rice and was entertained by him knocking out cold his soon fiancee. She was unconscious for minutes. He could have killed her. This is not an exaggeration. I know a little about hand to hand combat. Power and speed to the head can cause brain trauma to both sides of the brain. This brain damage may not even manifest for years down the road. Apparently this happened in February 2104 and she still married Ray Rice. She even put out a letter wanting privacy and it was their lives and etc. Can you have any better example for a battered woman? This story isn't over. Those who laughed at Ray Rice knocking her out are also similar to the Chicago teen who was killed and in the video people were making their noises and laughter.
A NASCAR race with no accidents or injuries gets no news.  

Is your heart foolish? Is your mind actively searching out those disasters that you can laugh at and enjoy?
There are no videos of examples here to be shown. I know what they are and have myself enjoyed them. Yep, this is my admittance and I have been wrong. C.J.MacKechnie

The truly empathic person sees suffering as something which is not desired or entertained by. An truly empathic person sees the truth in pain, suffering and turmoil. This empathic person has a true heart of wisdom.
Suffering Happiness: (Unedited): 10 Sept 2014
There is no pain or suffering in happiness, even if it makes you feel good for a short time.  
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