Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prophets and Mentors: (Unedited): 09 Sept 2014:

The person or peoples who ridicules the prophets and discounts the mentors. Suffers the fate of the world. 
One should always listen to the mentors and prophets. Especially, if their words are more than plausible.
The mentors of the world seem to be those who want to steer you into the best kind of life which is possible for you. If you so choose to heed the mentors wonderful words of probability.
The prophets are also the same as the mentors. except they are the bringers of warnings. The prophet wants you to stop doing what ever it is you are doing. If not then the very probable doom and gloom shall come to you and to your people.
The mentor and prophet are one and the same. The direction of message is the same. Just spoken differently. As a matter of fact. A mentor can also wear the hat of the prophet.
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