Sunday, September 7, 2014

Purifying Faith: (Unedited): 07 Sept 2014:

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Suffering through and enduring through your afflictions purifies your faith and beliefs. 
What is your faith and belief system? are they good or self intentioned? Are they spiritually and divinely aligned or are they egotistically and arrogantly centered? Are you focused on love, peace, harmony and life within your immediate world or are you only in it for yourself?
Are your afflictions self generated via impurities or wrong decisions made or both? Are your afflictions made by worldly accidents or at the hands of your enemies? Have you caused another to be afflicted by your accidents or have you caused your enemies to become afflicted? Even if you have caused another to become afflicted. You to will still suffer for it. In another way. Even if you become so arrogant and cause yourself to become apathetic. Becoming apathetic forces you to De-evolve from your current state of humanity. Thus you become less than human. All of this without ever knowing or even caring.
This is important to understand. Because, you can be the sole cause of your own afflictions and not God. In which your suffering can lead to more afflictions which can only compound the suffering your already enduring.  Purifying your own wrongful thought processes and impure habits. This aspect is in regards to smoking, alcohol consumption, Drug addictions (Legalities not important), Unhealthy foods, Unhealthy drinks, Unhealthy water, Inactive lifestyle and etc.
This aspect is in regards to the various forms of greed and selfishness in which the breaking of laws is of little or of no concern. All of these decisions causes an affliction to both or all parties involved. Just sit and think about this for a moment. What you do and what you do not not has an affect upon others. Especially if you do not care about others because you do not know them.
I tell you the truth. Even if you do not know the human being in which you happened to be involved with in some unknown way. They are still your brother or sister. Even if you were drunk and crashed your car into them. You did this to your own sibling. Even if you went off to war at the urging of some leaders and killed or wounded another. You did these things to your brother or sister.
All of those who you offend and have ever harmed. You have done to your own sibling. It matters not the deceptions which are believed as truths from politics, religions, society's or cultures. It matters not the cause or the source which has caused you to harm any other soul. It is you who has done this and it is you who is at fault.
What do you believe in? Is it based in divine truth, spiritual truth or the truth of humanity? Is divine truth and human truth the same? if not then one is a lie and deception. One is truth and righteousness. Do you even believe in the divine or matters of spirituality? You must know a person can be purified in truth just as easily as deceptions. If you are currently searching. I do urge you to stay away from the feel good or the feel right and stay within that logical side of your brain.
The reason why i say this s because. The drug addict feels good, the drunk feels good, even the bad guy after had done their bad thing without getting caught feels good. Lies and deceptions can even cause you to belong to an exclusive club like the KKK, Black Panthers, Italian clubs, Scottish clubs and etc. The logical and factual truth is. There is no racial separation of humanity. DNA finger printing and the DNA of all humanity is more than 99 % identical. That makes us all brothers and sisters to one another no matter the coloring of our skin, shape of our eyes and noses. It doesn't matter how tall you are or how short your are. It doesn't matter if you have a runners body, a footballers body or just an intellectual. We are all family to each other. This is truth and all else which separates and isolates us(Humanity) is a lie and deception.
If you believe so intensely in the truth of a lie. then you can become purified into the deception. There are even those who have created great wealth for themselves based on the lies and deceptions of race. This is truth. So their motivations is to maintain their lifestyle and hope that no one discovers their out spoken truth as lies.
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