Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love Peace: (Unedited): 06 Sept 2014:

Everyone seems to love peace, to want peace and to pray for peace. To love only peace is not enough to have peace.  
You must do more than just love peace, to want peace and to pray for peace. 
You must actually love one another.
You must actually become peaceful yourself.
Praying for peace is only valuable when you yourself is in a position of peace.
Even the war mongers and bad person desire peace only after they have won all of their victories over any one whom they have decided were their enemies or chosen targets. That is until the next potential conquest presents itself. Then its war with their war mongering hearts. This is an evil doer. Evil doers do desire peace so as long as they get all that they want.  
The bad person who after had done their bad things with success, experiences peace in their victory. This feeling is often short lived as the misery, pain and suffering of their everyday life becomes fully experienced within them. Thus, Not fully aware of the emotional connections and demonic spiritual controls which are over them. They are truly slaves. 
Those leaders who use God and religion to go forth and make war are the most evil upon this planet. They all use the God to promote their politics in order to convince people that God willing or Allah willing. For these leaders to promote war and to go into war is proof that they know not who the God of Love, Peace, Harmony and Life is. Or do they know that the god they follow is one of hate, war/conflict, Chaos and death.
The most evil leader the world will ever see is the one who brings/invites war into their own land and against the people he leads. Even though he believes it is not his land or people. The great deception begins when the leader is elected by the very people whom He hates the most. It is he who plans their destruction, even if they love him much. Know one knows, everyone knows and know one wants to know. Do you get it. This life may get so bad. That your only option for life is death. If you understand this truth with an understanding of of the logical formula  "Love, Peace, Harmony = Life" Then you know more than me. Know God. Pray and meditate  always. Live your life under the old rules of goodness, morality and purity. It is not good enough to do these things from negative emotions and selfish thinking. You must want to do good and to be good without fear, reservation and intimidation. You must want to do good because it is good and you want to do good. You must want to do good not because of the commandment have ordered it. You must see the commandment as logical guide lines on how to live a good life. Yes, I know the commandment are the law of God and God has allowed us free will/choice/thinking/actions. It matters not what you want to believe or even I believe. God is and God will as he only desires in the time of his choosing. 
When war comes into your land which has known only peace. Your time is over. 
The definition of your time is over may take some time as defined by God. So getting right with God based in your fears or because of your fears may not be enough. That is for only God to decide and not for any human religious leader or even when the gods return. Because, that should be the next sign. As it was in the time of Noah so shall it be in the end. The common knowing presence of angels or aliens. No Fear.
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