Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love Essence: Love Happiness: Love Movement: Butterfly Love: (Unedited): 02 Sept 2014:

Love essence
Love freely given is the true essence of love expressed.  C.J.MacKechnie

Love Happiness
Love freely Expressed leads to internal happiness realized. C.J.MacKechnie

Where is your love and happiness? is it over there or under here? Can it be in this city or that? Maybe someone has taken your love and happiness. Maybe your love and happiness is lost within the sands of time.
Your love and happiness is no where to be found. You have searched, you have wanted, you have prayed and yet love and happiness has always been so elusive for you. Why, Why I cannot be loved or happy as you have cried many nights alone? Because, the deepest love and happiness you need and deserve is and always has been deep within your own heart.

Love and Happiness has a cost to it. To love without any expectancy of loves returned. Love freely given is the true essence of love expressed.
If you always say and think that Love can't, Love won't, Love hasn't and Love don't. This is and has become your truth and you become your final and most essential reason as to why your love and you happiness has been experienced. It won't matter how many tears you have shed in the loneliness of your lonely places.
For you to taste or to even know happiness, You should express love without any movement of your lips. 
You already know the liars and their movements of their lips. Often times if not many more than that the spoken words of loves promises has always been absent of substance. Love expressed has much substance while love spoken into the air is most times lighter than the air and floats away.
Butterfly Love
Love freely expressed stretches out the butterfly wings of your heart. The joy of loves free flight becomes experienced. Happiness truly begins. 
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