Saturday, August 30, 2014

Zombie Day: (Unedited): 30 Aug 2014:

The day you allow apathy to infect your mind, is the day you become a zombie. 
The original version of this may be better.
The day you allow apathy to infect your mind, is the day you cease being a human being. 
The very day you throw your hands up and proclaim that you don't care anymore. Is the day you stop being a human being. Because, caring is an essential emotion for being a human. If you begin to limit yourself or deny yourself your very own emotions. You begin to become a simple machine or you begin to DE-evolve into something lower than the pets we keep. Even the pets we keep show a lot of emotions. So denying your own emotions cause you to become less than your own pets.
Even though you may work with people who are apathetic does not mean you have to also be apathetic. It is exactly like saying since they reject being fully human so will I. Not very logical or mature. This is what many of us do. Why should I care if no one else cares about me? So denying your own humanity because no humans were around to care about you. Same thing. Just because a person looks like a human being does not mean they are being human.

in all that you do. You must continually show that you are fully human. Regardless if you work with people who do not care about doing the job correctly or completely. Just make sure you do the job correctly and completely every time.  Yes, your apathetic coworkers will take advantage of you and your supervisors won't show any compassion for you either. Just understand you work with zombies and it is against the law to kill the already dead(Humor). Don't harm anyone. Yes, you will become angry. Yes, it is not fair. For you to relent means you become less than who you are now. You will cease growing, Developing and evolving. Is it worth it for you to allow yourself to become apathetically infected? You better say, NO. For you to say yes means you will have a zombie birthday.
I decided to use the title "Zombie Day" because the retail stores are gearing up for Halloween. Which means zombies and other rather ugly and horrible shows and media content. Having permission to do mean things to one another. How is this right? Christians silently go off on Halloween night to celebrate. Christian Parents allow their children to celebrate Halloween with costumes. Churches sell pumpkins. Why? So that Christians can cut ghoulish faces upon them?

How do we teach apathy to children. It is easy. Make Halloween fun and entertaining. I've already witnessed one child become frightened by an automated half green person. Young children seem to instinctively know who they should be scared of. This child began to cry from fear and his parents laughed. Really. The parents were entertained by their sons cry from fear. This is what we do to our children. To let them know being scared is OK and getting scared is fun. That is until someone breaks the law. Then it is not fun. I'm already confused by this. So how is a 12 month old supposed to react? The 12 month old must completely depend on and totally trust in his parents for everything. The child knows if he cries the parents will save him. But, in this case they laugh at me like it's funny that I'm scared. really. What happens to trust? It starts to fade away.
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