Thursday, August 28, 2014

Humanities Remains: (Unedited) 28 Aug 2014:

Only the echoes of an extinct humanity will be all that remains within the universe. 
Out in space and traveling at a great speed. All of the RF and Television signals that humanity has ever created is going out into the universe. For any being to hear and or see. If they have the technical capability to do so. But, eventually, even those signals from earth will fade out to the point that no amount of technological wizardry will be able to see  or listen to them.
Soon very soon God will begin his process of purification. Once God begins this process. There will be no human heroes to save our lives. No cutesy tricks, no super weapons, no computer virus and no Will Smith. Humanity will become extinct. This planet will no longer remember any of humanity, the fallen angels or even any space aliens. Our end game is approaching and what is really interesting. I still think we can avert it all. Is it probable? Not Likely. But Possible. Humanity as a whole must begin to live holy and righteous lives, right now. I've already written about them before. Read my older works.
How to save yourself and possibly all of humanity?
Love one another
Live in peace
Exist in harmony
Respect and honor life
 Do these things because you want to and not because you have to. Do these thing because you know it is the righteous thing to do and not because you have to. Do these things without threats or fears. There is a difference.
In doing so. Humanity may in fact remain. Get it yet?
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