Saturday, September 20, 2014

Prophecy 2015: (Unedited): 20 Sept 2014:

This is not in any specific order. These are just things to be on the look out for. This is for the whole of the world.  

All prophecies which involves the decisions and actions of man. Can be altered and changed. All of the most famous of prophets. It matters not if you are believing or accepting of them. Have all predicted some very terrible things for humanities future. The vast majority of those bad, sad and terrible things to come seem to be based on human decisions and actions. Which means all of those bad, sad and terrible predictions made by all of those famous prophets can be altered and prevented. Which includes humanities extinction. This is my hope. To the leaders of the world. Embrace kindness. Embrace forgiveness. Embrace those whom you are in conflict with as your brothers. 


--- A Hebrew Year of 12 months - 354 days ---
From September 25, 2014 ---Through--- September 13, 2015
Hebrew Calendar Note: 
This means that my continued additions of prophecy for the year is late as related to the Hebrew calendar. I apologize for my errors and will try to correct again next year if I'm able. I plan on adding content until close to the world Calendar ends in December 2014.
The Hebrew calendar is of greater importance than the calender of the world. Especially in regards to any Biblical related prophecies. So if there are devout Christians who are using their spiritual gifts and know not how to use the calendars. It may be perceived that they are inaccurate when they are not. So these 2015 prophecies can occur from 25 Sept 2014 thru 13 Sept 2015. Anything after would be considered in accurate. "This is an interpretative Bible prophecy."   The interpretative Bible prophecies is done from my studies. I have not done these before and hope that I'm wrong. With what I have found and prayed upon.

Astronomy Note: As related to prophecy. I do not believe that any of the moon phases or comets is directly related to Israel. I do believe it is related to New JerUSAlem which is the USA. If I remember correctly. All of the lunar events are seen in the USA and not Israel.
A). The continuation of those things which are to progress in quantity and severity throughout the
       time of the end of prophecy.
B). The death of righteousness begins. Humanity from all over the world will no longer consider
       righteousness a profitable way to live ones own life. From righteousness hangs those
       other good and noble traits.
C).  Detroit Michigan, Chicago Illinois, Baltimore Maryland, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 
       Buffalo New York, Cleveland Ohio. These may be the next targets of terrorists.
        This is an interpretative Bible prophecy.
D).  From Birmingham Alabama to Washington D.C.. Denver Colorado. These may be targets of
        the terrorists.
        This is an interpretative Bible prophecy.
E). The beginning of the world political body becomes more than official. This will happen if
      and when the USA falls. Will not be called the New World Order.
F). Israel attacked unlike it has been in some time. Much loss of life within Israel. The enemies
      cares not for the lives they have lost.
      This is an interpretative Bible prophecy.
G). Cop killings on the rise. Cops killing civilians on the rise. Civilians killing cops.
       HIT. If you use the Hebrew calender. NYC hatchet attack. (Read M and More M).
       May combine G and M. I do not think they are related but maybe they are. Not sure.
H). Yellowstone Caldera continues to rumble. Magma continues to rise. Look to a 2022, 2029,
       2036, 2043 Event. 2043 is the seventh set of seven year blocks.
I).  President Barack Obama remains President indefinitely. Not my prophecy. This is related to
      a 100 year old prophecy from Kenya. If President Obama is to remain in office. Then a
      Nationalized martial law must be put into effect. Which would be a reaction to a major
      crisis event(s) which effect the whole of the USA. 
J).    ISIS, ISIL or IS, is a means to an end.
K). Islamic men will continue to behead civilians who refuse to accept their religion.They will
       also do all sort of other atrocities which will culminate into an organized attacks in those
       places that they individually decide. This may be the American and European Islamic Tet
       Offensive. Hit. Just read the news. ISIS and Boko Harem.
L). Governments/Nations of the world begin to more and more outwardly favor the corporations
       in law creation. Thus, criminalizing the good natured actions of it's own citizens. Hit.
M). American civilians will begin to monitor every activity of all law enforcement personnel.
        This will be a ramping up kind of thing as it will take time to become more prevalent.
         May be combined with G and more G.
N). LGBT community becomes a mainstream powerhouse. Politicians at every level will not be able
       to hold any elected office without being in total agreement with LGBT philosophies and
        principles. Hit. Major Hit.
O). Look to More O. Thrift Stores, and Ebay. A beginning Change. Added on 11
       April 2015. Not  a hit. Doesn't Count. No matter what I wanted to think or believe.    
More A). The events of the USA since President Reagan. Should be the starting point from that
                reprieve.  The people and it's representative do not know the God of Israel and thus God
                will no longer protect New JerUSAlem.There can be a reprieve if the American people
                turn away from their sin and the legislation of sin. Making sin a freedom and a right.
More B). For instance. Fewer people will take action in any circumstance which would benefit
                or profit another. Which is to include saving a child in a hot car. Stopping at the scene of an
                accident. Providing witness testimony for any committed crime. This list of mine
                 could continue on for a long time. Apathy becomes more dominant within the world than
                Those who are genuinely righteous and holy shall not be tolerated in any world affairs.
                 Just as the genocide of Christians have not gotten any news here in the USA. So to
                 will those devout Christians who are murdered will not receive any media attention
                 or justice.
                 The United States government has been killing righteousness since Roe V. Wade.
                  You/We will reap what we have sown. The absence of righteousness means the
                   absence of any goodness or good qualities. 
More C).
               This is an interpretative Bible prophecy.
                I'm focused on Chicago Illinois. Baltimore and Washington D.C. area.
More D).
                 This is an interpretative Bible prophecy.
                  This is a double hit for the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.
More E).  The New World Order is more of a process of change. Through orchestrated destructions
                 and re-building by their own planned definitions. This change will have an end to it.
                 Then The New World Order will end and thus something else will evolve from it.
                 From The New World Order begins the Planetary governing body. People will still
                  Consider themselves of their locality, of their national origin, of their cultural identity,
                  of their religion, of their social class, of their continent and of their skin tone (Race).
                  These things will not be fought over by the early days of the worlds governing body.
                   As these self descriptions is what separates all of the one human race from each other.
                   Keeping humanity separate and isolated from one another is a means to their
                  eventual total control and enslavement. The entire human race which deems itself as a
                  singular race of peoples cannot be governed by those evil ones who are in an extreme
                  minority. When the world's government does take over all authority under one supreme
                  ruler. Any individual person who attempts to unite the entire human race which be wholly
                  destroyed and killed. This is the greatest threat to the world governing body. This is
                  why. A biblical end times prophecy.
                  Do the common men do this with intervention of GOD. Who judges the nations.
                  Humanity will learn to make war no more. To see the root of making war. You
                  must ask and research for yourself who brought to humanity the art of warfare?
                  This will happen for more than 2015. Maybe through 2043?
More F).  Does Syria completely crumble and become a non recognized country? The
                 hearts and minds of those who agree with ISIS  have been altered by God/Allah.
                 They have become less than human and less than unclean animals. Those things
                  in which they have done and will do is the evidence of their uncleanness. ISIS
                  numbers will grow into a many millions. This will be necessary in order for
                 their version of the famed Tet Offensive to be contemplated, planned and
                 The God of Israel will destroy ISIS in that area. Egypt will become known as an
                 ISIS supporter. Israel will acquire all of their original lands as promised by their
                 GOD. Will all of this happen in 2015? I do not know. I just type.
                 Israels dependance upon the USA will become a great stumbling block. Financially,
                 industrially, militarily, Economically and politically.
                  Note:The order of More F is not correct.
                 This is an interpretative Bible prophecy.
More G). The reason for cops getting killed is because they are no longer Citizens of Peace.
                 Police officers have become a militarized war like force which executes it's citizenry.
                 It does not matter the low probability of what the actual occurrence of being killed by
                 any Law Enforcement officer is. The perception by the civilian population is they
                 are threatened by these new militarized law enforcement swat units. Civilians will
                 be beaten and killed more often.As the police officers become more reactionary so
                  to does the civilian population. Thus when the civilian population becomes more
                 aggressive to the law enforcement community so does the reactionary cycle becomes
                 more and more aggressive. To the point that law enforcement persons must hide
                 themselves and their families. Thus may begin safe zones.  It will get very ugly.
                 The beginning may have when Ferguson event. The ramping up of this may take
                 many years or a singular national emergency. When law enforcement persons and
                 the National Guard are ordered to take away every ones firearms. Then they are shot
                 at and thus return highly trained and skilled shooting. The civilians will lose against
                 a highly trained military force. Think about this for a moment. The National Guard
                 Law Enforcement agencies become more interested in guns then for the safety of the
                  Islamic Militant attacked NYC PD Officers with a Hatchet. More will occur. Law 
                   enforcement officers will become more aggressive and accidental shootings of
                   innocent civilians will increase. Thus, the fear involved from both law enforcement 
                   personnel and their families as well as civilians will become greater. to the degree
                   that violence will erupt when it should not have been.
                  Added on 29 Dec 2014: Cops all over the country are now being randomly shot at.
                   2 NY police Officers executed in their patrol car. Completely unaware. This was an
                    Islamic attack.
                   Added on 12 April 2015: WalMart brawl ends in death and a cop shot.
                    Before you view Liveleak. nothing is left out. You are warned.
                     ***(See notes below)***

 More H).  The Yellowstone Caldera is representative of a sampling of the power which is many
                   miles just below our feet. 
                   If the people of the USA does not turn away from their free right to sin. Then 2043
                   may be a big year for the continent.  I do think that since the Bread Basket of North
                   America is nearly due East of Yellowstone. That a super volcano event may be tied
                   the sins of the world more so than the sins of the USA. 
More I).
                    I have studied prophecy since the early 1980's. Every president since then has been the
                    anti-Christ incarnate. I do have to admit that President Barack Obama has to many signs
                    related to him. So this would mean that sometime before 13 Sept 2015. An event or
                    events will happen within the USA which creates a national emergency response.
                    This would mean the end of America begins officially and everyone will know it.
                     There are currently 12 jet liners missing. They all can be equipped or modified to
                     for military purposes or terrorists purposes. The W88 warhead is for approximation
                     of size and weight. 800 pounds?. Can fit on any commercial jet liner. With minor
                     modifications and various triggering set ups.  
More J).       ISIS, ISIL, or IS is just a means to an end.This is one of those which will not be
                     known for decades if ever. The powers and financial kings of this world have already
                     decided that a change of the world is necessary. No matter the cost in lives. Syria is
                      just a training ground. The UN is learning how to function as a singular team with
                      the USA leading the way in this unity. This whole thing is planned and financed.
                      When I think about ISIS the phrase connected to it is "Means to an End". To me I
                      do not know what their defined end means. In prophecy the end is very clear.
                      Human Extinction. The authors of this created chaos of death and fear. Wants a
                      controlled new way of organization. Their gods are the fallen angels, however they
                      know them. Maybe, the human leaders think their relationship to THEM is mutually
                      beneficial. Maybe, the human leaders are so diluted to believe that their decisions are
                      of their own free will. They know not and understand not just how powerful these
                      beings are. THEIR version of Sun Tzu is at play and has been for a very long time.
                      The art of war. Read it more than once as the worlds leaders probably have read it
                      more times than you have read your children's favorite book. 
                      The God of ISIS, ISIL even if they followers are unaware. Moloch?.
More K).      Islamic men all around the western world will continue to behead all of those that they
                    The civilians in the western world do not understand that they are in a war. This
                     includes each individual person in the USA. The be-headings will also come to the
                      USA. These are  just the beginnings. Other individual atrocities will happen as well.
                     If this is to be the year of the Islamic Tet Offensive against the USA. It will become
                     open season for anyone who is Muslim or appears to be Muslim as defined by any
                      ignorant person. The law enforcement community will lose about 40% of their
                      personnel due to those officers taking care of their family. The other law enforcement
                      officers will not consider the importance of those Muslim persons or potential Muslim
                     persons being killed. The killings will include Muslim men, women and children.
                     Those Muslims who are in the know and who genuinely love their families will leave
                      the USA, Canada and Europe for places of safety. While other Muslims who plan on
                      taking part in the Tet Offensive. Will send away their entire family prior to the events.
                      Those Muslims who have pretended to be anything but Islamic and have married
                      American women will do a few things. They will just disappear for months and then
                       return only to disappear again. In order to do their part in the offensive. Some will
                       just murder their American wife and possibly children. Others will send away their
                       American wife abroad with children. While some will just abandon them.
More L).      What this means is. No longer will governments and nations speak double speak in
                     regards to the favoritism in the creation of laws which obviously favor corporations
                     over the civilian populations. Even to the point of criminalization of the civilian
                     population for good actions taken before and now have become criminals. You
                      will easily see this as already has been seen in the food industry, farming, education,
                     and energy creation. Anywhere any major international corporation can profit in
                     any unknown way today. The politicians at every level will pass laws which favor
                      corporations while at the same time criminalizing it's own citizenry for the very
                      same actions. Each of these are freedoms taken away via laws which criminalize or
                      through incredibly high fees imposed, Also quantity of fees imposed by law. The
                      world has become incorporated and uses an amalgam of communism and capitalism.
                      Remember in the old days of religion where you can pay a fee for you sins to be
                      forgiven. Before you could be forgiven of that sin you had to admit your sin and then
                      pay the fee or buy the accepted animal to be sacrificed from the religious authority.
                      Then your sin became OK. This is the same root premise. Except now, you can pay a
                       to break a law and then it is OK to break the laws of men, governments and religions.
                       The end of freedom is at the hands of politicians and corporations. This is not just
                       2015 event(s). This is something which will become more easily seen over the next
                       many years until the end of all prophecies come.
                       Hit. The Florida sessions passed laws in which the greatest campaigns contributions
                       played a role. Legalized bribery in effect. Unable to find the story digitally. The print
                       paper showed what laws were passed in the first days and how much money was given
                       to the politicians. Yep. It's gone now. May 3? Tampa times or tribune i think.
More M).       The continuous news of law enforcement personnel beginning to take on a more
                        militarized mind set and physically attacking anyone who dissents. Will become
                        more common. Civilians are also becoming less reasonable as well and law
                        enforcement should be held to the highest standards for dealing with the worst
                        kinds of people in every day society. It's tough to leave your beautiful family and
                        journey into the ugly world where anyone may want to harm you or kill you.
                        There is usually a singular event. Which triggers governmental outrage. An
                        officer will do an awful thing to someone who is obviously unable to defend
                        themselves. A civilian will be watching and recording and then they are brutally
                        attacked. The police will no longer be able to do any kind of law enforcement.
                        The war against the civilian population begins or at least ramps up. After what
                         I observed in Ferguson, Mo. There was obvious set ups by law enforcement
                         personnel. Which was of course viewed by those who were present. Is this how
                         the prophesied (Not Mine) civil war in America begins. Race wars and wars against
                         the government. While foreign nationals and foreign governments join in and conduct
                        their own attacks in secret. Can this be the one thing which begets the American Tet
                        Offensive. While Americans are killing anyone who merely appears different than
                        they are and attacking any governmental person. Coordinated terrorists attacks
                        begin. Thus, opening the door for the United nations to exert control. There is that
                        missing piece. Where the whole world begins to hate anything which is American.
                        Maybe, even France disavows the Statue of Liberty.
                        Is it now justifiable cause for any law enforcement officer to physically assault any
                        civilian or even to kill any civilian if they do not properly respond to the commands of
                        the officer no matter the reason. If my statement is now a true statement. There is no
                        longer a law enforcement within the USA. They are now a military force and are
                        taking military actions. Which also means the American civilian is already under
                        martial law. Under martial law the civilian has no rights or freedoms.
More N).         The LGBT community begins to exert more and more influence over all politicians
                        at every level and in every branch. So much so. That if a politician has not had a
                        proven affair or relationship with someone of the same sex. They will not be
                        supported. Of course those private matters will remain private and those documents
                       will be with held for future use if the politician acts against the LGBT wishes/demands.
                        Laws shall be passed which will be pro LGBT and anti-Christian. To such a degree
                        that Christians will lose fundamental freedoms. Anything which the Christian faith is
                        for. LGBT will be against and will exert their power to out law those things.
                        This isn't just about LGBT. It is also about all of their other related organizations in 
                        which they are mutually in favor of. This is just a beginning. Once the LGBT
                         community exerts their power. They will become unstoppable. For every force of
                         organization which against the Christian. Shall become victorious.

                           Hit. Crowd funding website has now banned any Christian funding campaigns. 
More O).           I knew about this in 2014. It is something i wanted to do for myself and my family.
                          Because, I know that revelation of any kind changes everything. I was being
                          selfish and keeping this to myself. The relationships between genuine non profit thrift stores with Ebay and Amazon. Will become more professionally connected. The people who donate their valuable goods to these thrift stores will begin to see the irresponsible nature in how Goodwill, Salvation Army treats their valuable goods. To the point that their complaints will be heard greater than the insistent whining of their primary customers. Which are the dealers. The numbers of dealers associated with Amazon and Ebay will fall. While the profits for Ebay, Amazon and non-profit Thrift stores will rise. What is happening is Goodwill, Salvation Army and other genuine non- profit thrift stores will begin creating their own resale accounts. Thus denying most of their dealers a source of income. The dealers will hate and suffer. While those who donate goods will see their donations resold in a responsible manor. Thus, more valuable donations to Non profit thrift stores in which they will maximize their earning potentials.
This is not a hit nor will this ever be a hit. Added on 11 April 2015: This is a beginning to a growing of. I feel like I'm in trouble for not writing this. When i was supposed to last year. . 
Added on 25 Sept 2014: There are two videos of cops killing innocent people.
Added on 26 Sept 2014: Jedi Mind tricks:
To influence those without them ever becoming aware of it. To silently listen to a targets own thoughts until you know how to mimic the exact way in which they think. Once you know. Then you can insert your mimicking thoughts into your targets minds. Without them ever aware. It is of importance for the fallen angels/aliens to do to humanity as has been done to them within this solar system. They lost their war with the Heavenly Host in a very short period of time. That war began with the very same fallen angels going to war with each other. The fallen angels succumbed to the thought power of the Arch Angels and did not even know They were under their influence. The fallen angels lost so badly and their incredible technology by human definition left scattered about throughout this solar system. A technology of little importance to the heavenly Hosts. Kind of like a bow and arrow to an A-10 Warthog airplane. Not even a close comparison. but, an almost good one.
This is why the leaders of the world must embrace Love, Peace, harmony and Life as their reasons to govern the whole human race. By keeping your focus on those good things. The fallen angels cannot control you with their intentions of hate, war, chaos and death. As prophecy states. You are controlled from the outside inward and not know of it or even believe in it. Never the less it is so. Why do think it is necessary to keep them and their history secret. So that they can perpetuate their plans for the extinction of humanity by their(Human) own hands.
Note for C and D. Mostly assumption. My assumptions are usually wrong. Unless these will be the planes used in an upcoming Tet Offensive against the western world.  There have been 12 jet liners stolen or have turned up missing. These may become the planes used in another 9/11 style of an attack.
Added on 28 Sept 2014: Earthquake swarms of Mammoth Lake may just be tied to recent solar activity as possibly described by (SO)

This could also mean that the recent activity is also tied to very real magma movements which may have been initiated by the recent solar activities. Just because the recent solar activities have ended does not mean the magma movements will stop or that other solar events will not cause more magma  movements. The long term prophecies of various prophets that suggest that volcanic activities all over the world erupt. To what degree. Unsure. How many volcano's would have to erupt to alter the planet? and cause billions to die within one growing season.
Added on 29 Sept 2014: (More K) An Islamic terrorist attack within the USA. The story is from 26 Sept 2014 and is now only making Yahoo news. Why? I can answer that one. To lower the essence of any kind of panic. Because, if you are working with any Islamic peoples this can and most likely will happen if the Islamic leaders order it to happen. Do you understand this? The possible upcoming Tet Offensive will not just be about be-headings. It will range the full gambit of terrorist warfare.
2nd man arrested after threatening to behead Christian woman.

I regards the the Hebrew calendar this is a hit already. But to the worlds calendar it is not. Can you see the errors as related to the old name for the USA. Which is New JerUSAlem. This is the name before Great Britain changed the name to their territories or colonies.
(More G): Cops getting shot in and around the Ferguson Missouri area. For unknown and possibly unrelated reasons to the shooting death of a black teenager.
Added on 05 Dec 2014: Evangelist Anita Fuentes
Added on 21 Dec 2014:
(More G): Hit. These are things that I do not wnat to be a hit. Heroic men who go into harms way and is just murdered. They probably did not even know they were about to be shot. They did not even react to the shooter.
2 police officers assassinated in New York. This is to change everything. This will change how cops deal with civilians and how civilians react to cops. If your a cop. Keep your windows rolled up. Do not park in any isolated places. Buy ballistic sheeting for your windows.
2013 30 officers shot.
2012 48 officers shot.
2011 68 officers shot.
2010 59 officers shot.
2009 47 officers shot
2008 41 Officers shot
2007 67 officers shot.
2006 51 Officers shot.
As of 31 Dec 2014@1041 PM. I shall add no more:
Any additional notes will be news related. It looks like. The attacks on law enforcement officials is already going to be a hit. If you know of any law enforcement personnel. Tell them to stay locked in their cars with windows up. Tell them to purchase ballistic film for their cars. Be safe. Be careful. If this 2015 becomes the run of the red horse rider. Then it will be every person for themselves. Not just civilians against cops. Which may only be the beginning of the running red rider upon his horse. I may not actively post attacks on police attacks and killings. As I believe it s already happening.
I've learned and will try to remember. That the Hebrew year is the calendar for prophecy. Which does mean I should have ended this on 25 Sept 2014: I do believe that to be the case. As you can see from the original posting date I was much to late. So the next year deadline shall be 13 Sept 2015. I hope I can remember this.
I do want to add the red horse begins to ride. But, I just don't want to. I don't even want to acknowledge it.  The letter "O".
Added on 31 March 2015: More (N) I think I have it backwards. The laws being considered and/or passed are anti-LGBT. I think this is a last ditched effort of the religious to scratch out any freedom for themselves. All of the LGBT laws shall fail. The overwhelming majority of republicans and democrats are pro LGBT. Just read the stories where 2 republicans came out against the law. Because of the obvious anti LGBT actions of the immobilized Christian community. The loud voices of the minority shall win out. The outspoken corporate entities shall also speak out and the Christians will continue to buy their products. Soon very soon. The LGBT community will begin writing their own laws with the support of politicians and corporations. In today's political environment. The politicians only listen to the corporations.  The LGBT will throw your very same laws back at you with prison terms. Just sit back and wait for it. That's how you have already lost your country. This is prophecy.
Added on 02 April 2015: More LGBT news in Indiana.
This is just the beginning to the LGBT power.  This small family may have had a successful go fund me. But, over time. All Christian groups, organizations, churches and people will become threatened and run out of business and or town. To the point that law enforcement personnel will be denied to work off duty inside any Christian place of worship. Of course this is several years from now. But, it's coming.
I am claiming this as a hit.
There is always a beginning. The LGBT community will become mobilized. To the point where the entire Christian community will have fear and make their plans related to their fears. Just as the do not ask was all about the LGBT community. It will eventually be applied to the entire Christian community. To the point that LGBT spies will follow Christians home from churches and make them public information for a variety of attacks. LGBT members who are employed within the utilities will alter billing information and cut off services. Of course this is years down the road. You will hear of these things. Most likely the first places will be with the internet/Cable, telephone providers. It will all be cut off and some outrageous bills must be paid before service is re-activated. Then there will be no proof that you don't owe. How can you prove what you owe and don't owe? Do you keep all of your old billing statements or do you shred them as efficiently as you pay them on time all of the time.
Added on 12 April 2015:
Sun Tzu Wrote of "Death Ground" It is becoming apparent that when Law Enforcement arrives. People are going to be killed or mauled by dogs. At which point this great fear of police will translate into armed combat by civilians who had never considered any violent act before. Such as the professed Christians who can be heard screaming at a WalMart brawl with police officers in Arizona. Being on Death Ground means there is no retreat and you can only go into one direction. You can either kill or be killed and it doesn't matter who the authority is.
The New Jersey dog mauling. The cop who shot a person in the back 8 times while  running away over a bad third light in his Mercedes.
What else is going to happen? Very simple. More and more people are going to get killed. More and more cops are going to get killed. It will get to the point that an entire swat team can pull over a vehicle for any minor traffic violation. This will become the only protection for police officers. Or those cops who went over the edge will begin to just shoot people if they suspect anything out of their own fears. This has already happened in a convenience store parking lot.
Back to the WalMart brawl. It is obvious that the Christian band was already believing that the cops were NAZI's. There were many expletives spoken. I have watched the video from different angles and this family was on "death ground" or so they believed.  Even if they are not aware of this term. They fought like they were. It was very fortunate for the cops that none of them had any hand to hand combat training or this would have gotten much worse.
Added on 12 June 2015: Will be adding this video to Prophecy 2016: I added it here because 5776 begins 14 Sept 2015:
To avert all of the bad and sad prophecies. We all need to individually do these things.
Repent, Repent, Repent,

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us to be.
Added on 26 June 2015: Another sin has been legalized within the USA. It is now a legal and lawful right to be gay.
This is 2015. For you the reader it may just be another year. For me this legal event to make sin lawful. Just means that which occurred within the USA in 2001 and then 2008. May be worse in 2015. What discipline shall come for every American citizen. It is unknown to me as I and my family may be included in the coming disaster. Since we are Americans and are directly responsible for the actions of our duly elected leaders. We may very well share in the hardship as every other American shall. If 2015 is not the end to come for the USA. Then we all should look to 2022. Read the purple and do the purple words. Most likely between now and 13 Sept 2015 or maybe into the end of this year. Look for a coming unseen disaster.
Added on 27 Oct 2015: Jim Bakker show video. Rabi Jonathan Cahn
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