Sunday, September 21, 2014

Religion Death1 and 2: (Unedited): 21 Sept 2014:

The death of religion within your own heart begins with the spiritual spark of righteousness. 
The death of religion happens three ways. By forgetting, Living a righteous and holy life, and by the sword. 
Once you begin to conceptualize the importance of righteousness and holiness. Free from threats, fears, intimidation's, imprisonment and death. You can now begin to come to know the essence of God. The God of love, peace, harmony and life. Wisdom and understanding of the true nature of things becomes like an illuminated light deep within you. A light so deeply hidden and yet your own unknown awareness of it becomes an awe experienced.
Have you ever watched those wilderness types create a fragile spark and then cradle it to the place where the fuel resides. Then the fire is ignited from that little spark of ember. Such it is with you.

By forgetting about religion is a sign of your own action that religion is not worthy of any importance with the world controlled by false god's. Becoming so entrapped within the confines of the world system's of wealth assimilation will cause you to no longer have time for wisdom or understanding. In this world controlled by those false god's. You have only been taught the worldly knowledge from the education system of the world. All that you have learned in the worlds formal educational system has only been about how to follow the rules, To question not and to obey. Think about that for a moment. You have been conditioned to be who you have become now. All without any teaching of wisdom or understanding. To be successful within the world. You do not need to know any wisdom or understanding. Only how to be a team player for the coach or the false god's. Your efforts in your professional life is all about what benefits the team. Never even questioning the fact that you are actually a slave to the social structure of the team. Which is owned by those agents of the false god's.
To take up the sword or any other weapon of violence. Does more than destroy the religion in which you have been taught to hate. You have been taught to hate by those leaders who want you to go forth and gather to them much property and wealth. Religion in which there is only knowledge given. Removes and binds the follower into following the human teachers unto their ends. To obey the will of their human teachers because they are the proclaimed spoke persons for god. Which god? The God of love does not desire you to hate. The God of peace does not want you to go into battle. The God of harmony does not want for you to create chaos. The God of life does not want you to cause death. So any human who wants you to hate, to war, to chaos and to death is a false agent of the false god's. Pretending to be the voice of the God you want to know. They are liars and deceivers.
When you take up the sword or gun because you have been deceived. You are still responsible for all of your actions you are about to take or have already taken. All of the religious followers who have been declared your enemy. You kill and murder them. Yes, you actions will end their personal understanding of what their religion means to them but also you kill the religion within yourself.
Living a righteous and holy life frees you from the chains of religion.  Living a righteous and holy life opens your mind, your eyes and your ears to false teaching of those who proclaim they are the voice of god and it will be true. their god is the god of lies, deceptions, hate, war, chaos and death. You will know the truth.
Be free from all sins and evil ways. Always love one another as you have been taught. Always live in peace as you have been taught. Always exist in harmony as you have been taught. Cherish all life as something of great importance. Whosoever desires you to become contrary to these basic teachings. Know that they are not from the source God of your teachings. They are of the fallen ones who came here to become our god's. False god's. 
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