Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good Teacher: (Unedited): 21 Sept 2014:

The good teacher cannot teach those who consider themselves greater than the good teacher and is only the ways to their self defined means. 
 The good teacher seems to always want to teach anyone who is present in the hopes that their heart and mind are open. The desires of the student can be very muddled with many distractions and false beliefs. The pride and ego of the student can become blockades to the good teacher. Especially if the student knows they are smarter and wealthier or more important than the good teacher will ever be. Then this student cannot be effectively taught.
Selfishness can also blind the student to learning those little details which are necessary in life. Such as wisdom and understanding. Everyone knows that wisdom and understanding will not profit you in the world system as led by those false god's. Wisdom and understanding causes you to question the human leaders of those false god's. So this is why wisdom and understanding is not included in the world's formal educational systems.
The student is everyone and the teacher can also be anyone. When the teacher has too much superior pride in the positions they hold. then they can no longer be taught, nor can they unlearn those truths which have turned out to be lies.
Even the wealthier than you family member or friend can have so much ego and pride that they automatically discount your less than them counsel. Woe to those who discount and negate wisdom and understanding.
The older person who is obviously far less intelligent then you, maybe even by more than 100 points. These people have gained much from their unique observations from their perspective understandings in this life. Which is alien of yours. By humbling yourself to listen to their counsel in matters which may be blind to you. Their overly simplistic approach may just enlighten your clouded awareness and save you and those whom you represent from a potential calamity of unknown definition.
A humble leader is a quiet teacher and a listening student. How can a teacher be quiet? It is through their actions that they teach those who choose to watch and follow them.
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