Monday, October 6, 2014

Opened Abyss: (Unedited): 06 Oct 2014:

When the prison to the deep abyss is opened in some unknown way. Those bodiless souls, spirits, entities will find that they shall have easy access to human physical bodies of any age and and kind.  
The deep abyss of their dark prison shall be opened with a set of keys. That which is locked up and closed off to the limited human understanding can only be opened by the key of understanding as to what is the locked up place which entraps these various beings. Whom many believe do not even exist other than in fairy tales. But this bottomless pit of their prison shall be unlocked and opened.
All of these beings shall rush up and out like a great smoke. In search of an easy human host to inhabit. The great race for a physical body shall be on.
Not every physical human body shall be taken over. Only those physical human bodies which have had their personal energy shields weakened or drained. Your energy shield is your aura which surrounds the whole of your physical body. I do not know any more about this aura other than it does exist. The aura has many functions in regards to defense, communications.

How do you weaken your personal aura. There are many ways and all of them involve the condition of the physical body. Which may in fact be a dimensional type of physical body. If your own very spirit is something which cannot be physically proven and yet you know that you are truly your spirit which only resides within this human form of your physical body. Then your physical body must have other unknown abilities in order to contain your spirit. This is only logical. So your physical body is more than just physical. The condition of your physical body has a direct relationship on the condition of the spiritual aspect of your physical body.
So how can these soon to be free entities gain access to the human body, to control and to take over?
There are a variety of ways.
Those who are not protected and saved by GOD. Shall be targeted by those who are yet to become freed.
Those persons who use any mind altering substances. In matters not the legality or medical uses. If any drug alters the mind and body to such a degree that it causes your aura to extend to far or to even become very minimal. Those entities shall have easy access to the bodies. To take, to control to reside in. They can even hop from body to body. So if the body becomes no longer of use. The entity will just find another host body.
Who shall be their first targets. 
The greatest of those unbelieving and self serving leaders and families. This shall also include every false religious leader. In which the common person knows not of their unfaithfulness. The most powerful of demons will have these kinds of humans.
The wealthiest and most successful of humans will also suffer great spiritual take overs. Certain spirits may even fight great spiritual battles for select humans.
The strongest of minds and intellects. Yet, still unbelieving and unfaithful. The next tier of the most powerful of entities shall have these humans.
Anyone who partakes of any mind altering substance. Which includes any medications, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs, alcohol. Will become easy targets for the lower entities of the fallen angels who were cast upon their Earth prison. Any human mind which is under any chemical influence which alters the mind is an easy target for a spiritual possession. The lesser people of humanity who have never excelled in anything will become the targets of the minion entities. In which many may inhabit one body. They will not care if they cause the body to suffer and die. 

The most powerful of the worlds leaders may even have actual spiritual fights for the most powerful of human leaders. While other fallen angels will go for the next generation of the worlds leaders to come. This is the how humanity will find extinction.
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