Monday, October 6, 2014

unHOLY Reflection: (Unedited): 05 Oct 2014:

The darkest and most charismatic of souls may surround themselves with those deceived righteous persons who are illuminated from within. In order to become the reflection of their internal holy light.  
Can you imagine a dark soul, one who is absent of any divinity. They knowing their darkness and knowing they cannot become enlightened. So they surround themselves with those who are enlightened. Those who are illuminated from within and yet still can be deceived.

Imagine a human person who is like a flawless mirror. They can never absorb any light and are completely full of darkness. All light no matter it's source can only be reflected by them. To those who gaze upon their reflected illumination may be deceived into thinking that this persons light originates from within them. When the truth is they are pure darkness to such a degree that they can only reflect all light. 
Do not become deceived by the fabulous church, temple, synagogue, mosque. Do not become deceived by the men who when they speak everyone applauds and worships the speaker. Do not become deceived at their outward show of status, clothing or personal wealth. These things are all rewards from their worldly teachings.
Run and flee from their speech because they mix in just enough righteous truth to cause their lies and deceptions to become believable.
When the God of love teaches that we should all love our brothers and yet these deceivers also teach it is OK to hate.
When the God of peace teaches that we all should live in peace with all of our brothers and yet these deceivers teach that the enemy they define for you is less than humans or dogs. Go and make war with those dogs. Know that they are deceiving everyone.
When the God of Harmony teaches that we all should exist in harmony with everyone and with all things. The deceiver teaches it is OK to make chaos for freedom and for your rights.
When the God of life teaches that we should all respect and honor all life. The deceiver who stand upon those high places proclaims it is OK to kill them, to kill accidents, to kill those who are less than you.
Yet for some reason they beguile us all. All over the world there are many great human deceivers and they are very knowledgeable of the ancient holy texts. Their words have much convincing power. So much so it bypasses your own human reason and common sense. This is the power of the fallen angels and demonic powers at work. I the writer of these quotes am not immune to their powers. One of the best methods any angel which is greater than any human is to implant false thought and false beliefs by mimicking your own thought patterns. They listen to how you think and just impersonate you.
Yep, Impersonations of famous people in a comedy shows is funny, funny, funny. But, when it is done in the most secretive way in order for you to conform to the fallen angels will. It is no longer funny anymore. Especially, when you know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Then over time you slowly or quickly relent to the steady flow of impersonating thoughts that you wrongly consider to be your own. For some people who become so disturb by wrong or inappropriate thoughts seek psychological help and end up on mind altering medications. Either way it is a win-win for all of the fallen and imprisoned.
Constant and continuous prayers, meditations and contemplations of/by your own free will. To the God of love, peace, harmony and of life is necessary for you to no longer be deceived. By staying with the very basic core principles within your own being. You shall not be deceived. This four core principles is absolute on there logical content. No words written or spoken can go against these four words. If they do. Then the speaker or writer is deceiving you.
The deceiver leader will proclaim to go make war with His/Her defined enemy so that we all can have peace. There is some truth mixed with lies.
The deceiver leader will teach to love one another while their defined enemy can be hated because of their differences and to go destroy them and cause them all to die.
The deceiver leader even confuses who their God is. The God of love is the same as the God of peace or the God of harmony or the God of life. While at the same time the great deceiver will mix in their gods of war, of hate, of chaos, of death, of destruction, of lies, of pride, of ego, of wealth, of power, of intellect and etc. All for a singular end result which is unknown to the darkened human puppet.  That which is the extinction of humanity.
For me personally. The how all of humanity or the absolute majority of humanity will become extinct. The majority of the activities is all below or far above the human forms ability to naturally perceive these beings.
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