Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rising Problems: (Unedited): 05 Oct 2014:

Rising above the problems of your humanity is something we each should consider.
We each have our own set of personal problems. 
We each have our own set of family problems. 
We each have our own set of local problems. 
We each have our own set of regional problems. 
We each have our own set of national problems. 
We each have our own set of worldly problems.
Then there are the many innumerable problems which have there own specific associations.

This list of human problems seem to be never ending and everlasting in the grand scope of that which is humanity. Humanity has become the sole creator of their own problems with those fallen angels fanning our created flames of self destruction. So just how can we each rise above it all? How do we as a human species express our right to live and thrive as a self determined people? or shall we all just relent to the prophecies of the Holy Bible and wait for humanities restart again. Maybe, more than 8 human adults will be the remnant? Think about that one. No children were saved during the flood. So there will be no guarantees for your own children. It will not matter how much you love them or want to protect them from the coming end of times. You as adults and parents will get to watch your children die or die yourselves leaving your children alone. Just has been done during the flood.
So, what can you do? What will you do? Humanity was made less than the angels and yet the angels fell victim to their own prides and sinful lusts. So how can we as lowly humans do better than they who are greater than all of us? or shall we just roll over and die? shall we just go forward and end all of humanity with a collective suicide?
Humanities collective suicide begins when the majority of nations, religions, groups and peoples begin to adopt within their own lives these 4 core principles.


Within these four core principles is where the extinction of humanity resides. Thus, ending all of our collective human problems and the problems the fallen angels has with the existence of a humanity.  Yes, the fallen angels blame us for their problems. It's kind of like the abuser blaming the ones whom they abuse for them being abused. Really, It was all my fault that my adoptive mother abused and tortured me. It is always the child's fault for the cause of the parents alcoholism or drug problems. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
The end of one set of problems will begin another set. No matter how much you have evolved or think you have evolved. Consider how the angels who are greater than humans have had their own set of problems. Some angels have fallen because of their own set of problems. They have died, they have been disciplined and they continue to suffer. Yet, do not show any compassion for the fallen angels on going plight. They are still unrepentant and unrelenting of their hatred for humanity. The fallen angels still are working in their higher ways to undermine and cause the extermination of all of humanity. It looks like these fallen angels will be mostly successful. As Biblical prophecy states that humanity will nearly become extinct save for remnant who are to be saved. Did I mention that only 8 adults were saved during the last near extinction level event otherwise known as the flood. The next extinction level event may have many more than 8 as the remnant to be saved or only the surviving genetic material is to be saved. Think about that one. Either way as defined by those who will be doing the saving, humanity will be saved. In other words who or what is to be saved will not be decided by any living human being. It will not matter what you think or believe. It will only matter with how you live your life and why you have freely chosen to live your life as you have. A free choice absent of fear, intimidation, threat or reward. 
How do we each rise above all of our unique problems? It is really simple and not complicated at all as others may suggest. Those who suggest that the solutions are incredibly complicated are those very same persons who selfishly and pridefully are working very hard to extend their way of life. Because, if all of humanity begins to live by these four core principles. They everything those world leaders have created will just - END.
People will begin to live with an expression of human family, respect, compassion, mercy, honor, righteousness and holiness. Which will be contrary to what the leaders of the world want. This limited list of expressions are based on the four core principles. Which are


By making all of our collective decisions based on these four core principles. All of humanity will begin to live lives worth living without fear, intimidation or threats. The end of most of the bad and sad prophecies will be realized.
By rising above all of our collective problems associated with today's humanity. We all will naturally want to look up into the stars and will need to go to them. As we do so. We as humanity will begin to realize the problems associated with the angels and will have to learn how to solve those problems. Hopefully humanity will not become so advanced beyond their evolution that they forget about these very basic four core principles.
The end of all bad and sad prophecies will come in one of three ways.
1). To do nothing and to change nothing maintains all of the bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken. Thus the end result is the end of all prophecies.
2). To embrace the worldly way of life as defined the basic core principles in anger red maintains and hastens all of the bad and sad prophecies ever written or spoken. Thus the end result is the end of all prophecies.
3). To adopt and express of your own free will which is absent of any fear, threat or intimidation the four core principles written in the purity of purple. Thus, the end result is the end of most of the bad and sad prophecies. Begins the importance of the written and spoken words of the wise mentors. Continuation.
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