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Russian Bear: (Unedited): 22 Oct 2014:

Note: The actual date is 09 Oct 2014: I wrote the date 22 Oct 2014 on paper and left it as such.
I think it was important. Not sure why yet. 

The aging Russian Bear thirsts for American blood. He dreams of great battles and conquests over his adversary. But, in time there shall not be any. The great bear shall be denied his great pride.  
The sentence "The great bear shall be denied his great pride", Is not about defeat and more about the inability of Russia's great foe of being able to conduct worthy battles.
I do think that Mr. Putin has honor. From that honor I do not think he believes it is a satisfactory action to beat a defenseless man. Just to beat him. There is no honor in that.  I do think in that moment when his great adversary becomes it's most helpless. Is when the great bear has an opportunity to become the world's hero. Will he? can he? shall he?

There is only one reason why Russia has been re-building their military over the last decade? and it is to defend itself against the USA, European allies, NATO, Canada, Australia and whom ever else I'm forgetting. Very possibly to actually engage in military conflict with the USA.

Mr. Putin, You already know just how defenseless the USA is right now. Is there any honor in attacking a defenseless country? No matter how bad they have become? Or is it just wise to watch them fall? and is it wise for you to protect your economy from any USA sanctions as you have been doing?

The Russian Bear shall become a shared super power once again and that mantle will be with China. For a short time. Then China shall dominate the world. Unless Russia can take the lead in space. But, China has the economy and the wealth to do so. The will to take humanity to the edge of the solar system? Maybe not. Today and right now, both Russia and China are the triggers for human extinction. That is defined by dead famous prophets and ancient Holy Texts.

Focus on the lead into space.

Today Mr. Putin is 62 years old. In 2020 he will be 68 and in 2022 he will be 70.
His military build up plans will be one part of the new Russia he has helped create.
But, Russia is much more than just a military war power which is steadily growing. The reclaiming of a former great military power shall be realized. While the USA shall become a former nation. Alaska shall be yours for the taking and it may very well be to easy.

Has all of the military build-up been for some kind of revenge and can it all end up with Russia become the hero of the world? I'm being very hopeful and my hope is for the survival of humanity by the collective will of humanity. Not by any kind of intervention from any other outside source. That makes me against prophecy in favor of humanities potential. Will Russia use it's military to prevent a piling on of America when she falls hard? That would be heroic even though the USA has become the world's bully. Would it be right or just to sit back and watch the world's bully get destroyed? I do know everyone likes their money and assets. I can assure you of this. It would not be profitable for any nation to allow the American cities or lands to become destroyed or unusable for a long time.

I really hope you can build a true sense of Russian nationalistic pride. While at the same time combat from within corruption and poor quality controls in every aspect of Russian Society. Not just in the military or space related industries. Russian pride can be an honorable one. The Russian future can be one of human responsibility.

Happy Belated Birthday
Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
7 October 1952 (age 62)
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