Friday, October 17, 2014

Your Daily Prophecy: (Unedited): 17 Oct 2014:

The prophecy of your life is and has been fulfilled daily. This is a fact. Everything which happens to you today was your prophecy of yesterday. It doesn't matter if you were told about it or not. Everything which is supposed to happen, happens. 
Here you are in this life of yours. Everything is great or average or enduring or unbearable. So shall be your tomorrow. So, you need to ask yourself. Do I need a prophet or a mentor? This is an important question. Because, if your really at that point in your life where you genuinely want a profound change in your life. Then you will listen and follow through with advice. Otherwise, A prophet/prophetess who speaks their words to you will either be for entertainment value or just more bad news. What shall you do if anything? Can you do anything? Will you do anything?
Abused and tortured children is a concern of mine and I just read the news about two in Pennsylvania. Typically, these kids spend the vast majority of their lives being trained negatively. To the degree that so much negativity occurs. That their future can be easily seen as one which shall be negative. The FBI statistics pretty much show that.
But, then there are that ten percent of these incredibly abused children who for some reason. Prophecy cannot be spoken to them in a predictable manor.
Wait, it gets even better. There are those one-per-centers in which prophecy is impossible to predict.
These ten and one percenter's are the ones who have thrown up their hands and have declared to the whole of the world. ENOUGH! They each in their own way have cast away all of the old and wrongful things they have learned from those awful adults who were supposed to love and protect them but instead only used and abused them. They have had enough. They are just done with that life and just completely leave it. So alone they begin to walk in a world and to make their mark upon it as defined by each of them.
These are the ones who become amazing people. even though daily they still endure the psychology of their own awful past. But, for some reason that psychology just becomes a pushing force which continues to push them away from all of that bad and sad. All of that bad and sad psychology becomes a positive motivating force which propels them forward in this life of theirs.

This is why the tortured soul who does a complete anti-typical 180 degree turn around becomes unpredictable. The prophet cannot predict just where the tortured souls life will begin to level off if ever. The tortured soul becomes self determining and self willing. Thus becoming the soul creator of their own future. They in fact have become their own prophets and mentors within their own life. Any reliable predictions which is about these ten and one percenters can only come by their own reasoning's. This is wonderful and everyone who become self determined also becomes their own prophet and mentor.

So what does this all mean. Well, it means that if you do not like your present, then your future is also gonna be disliked. Without any effective positive changes. It is just logical. Unless you make those positive changes today and right now. Then continue on with those positive changes while your own predictive future becomes altered. It all takes time, resolve and patience. Coupled with the attitude that you will not relent in your positive changing endeavors. No matter what. No matter what.

This is what these incredible people do.
They become self inspired. Why? because they have had no one to inspire them.
They become self motivating. Why? because there was no one there  to encourage them
They become self led. Why? because there was no one there who pointed the positive way.
They have become their own prophets and mentors.
They are trail blazers in life.
If you don't like what the future has in store for you. If you do not like or agree with the words of the prophet or prophetess. Then change it.
Ignoring the words of the prophet/prophetess and doing nothing does alter the outcome of the future. This logical end result is most likely to be worse than what was spoken or written.
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