Saturday, October 18, 2014

Articulate Messenger: (Unedited): 18 Oct 2014:

The articulate messenger who expresses his given message of unity based on the proof of a singular human family. Can begin the process of global peace and a singular human mindset.  
One or two of many shall accept the mission of bringing humanity back together as one singular family of mankind. Think about that word "Man Kind". What kind of man are we all to one another? Shouldn't we all be kind men and women to each other?
Many are called into the missions and yet only a few freely choose to accept their given missions. For a hundred reasons they all decline meaning, purpose and importance. For the sake of comfort, safety and money. The truth is always in the action or inaction.
I think I have found one of those important souls. Will he or won't he? The unaccepted prophecies declare that only two shall come. Only two out of the many who were supposed to go forth in these final missions of uniting all of humanity into one family.
Can you imagine accepting this kind of mission and knowing the prophecies. Can you and will you go forth into a mission of prophetic failure? Can you and will you go forth into all of the lands and express your message knowing at the very least you buy a little more time for humanities last chance to come together as a family of one people.
Think about this. Jesus came and walked among the common peoples. All of them including those unaccepted souls of each of their societies and cultures. This is the key to a future humanity which exists though out this solar system and beyond. That is good hope my friend as opposed to the alternative. Which is extinction. That is of course the end result to all of those prophecies.
Humanities future is in the common peoples and not the elites, wealthy or leaders of the whole world. For generations they all have continued the lies and deceptions of humanity for their own profit. The common peoples are the ones who go off to war for these leaders of nations, politics and religion. It is the common people who become maimed, who die and who survive. All for someone else to profit. I do not expect you to believe me. Just follow the money in every war.
All of the leaders of the world cannot allow you and will not teach you the truth of a singular human family.  Because, we are a singular human family. Yet for thousands of years all of the leaders of the world have created separation between us and them. Really "Us and Them". We are good and they are bad. We are civilized and they are barbarians. We are the righteous ones and they are the evil hordes. We are enlightened humans and they are less than dogs. All lies to cause humans to easily kill another human. Out of mercy for the rest i guess.
It seems to be easier for human beings to kill animals.
Leaders of the world cause common peoples to kill other common peoples who are deemed the enemy. Who defines what the enemy are? Not the common people.
So if the common people can be taught that all of humanity is a direct family relation to themselves. Then all of the leaders and teachers will become liars and deceivers. How likely are the common people to go off to war for someone else to prophet from? The common people typically get nothing of value in return. They get death, destruction and disability. The common people get to rebuild. While the leaders have no callouses, blood or dirt in their own hands. They get all of the credit and no nothing for it.
The men and women who come to bring humanity back into the understanding that we are all one human family. Is a genuine friend to all of humanity. This is a fundamental truth proven by the math of our common genetic core in which we all share more than 99.9%. More than...
All of the wars should stop. The politicians are lying to the people. All of them. The religious leaders who encourage their populations to go and make war are lying. Those who decree that our/your skin color is superior to any other is lying. Those who proclaim that different eyes or high cheek bones are from the evil ones is lying.
Any person who proclaims the evil ones must be killed and yet sits back in the safety and comforts of a fortress. While ordering the common peoples to bleed and die. Is the one who shall be stripped of everything by the common peoples and thrust into the unknown.
The easiest way to save humanity and most improbable. Is for every warrior, soldier to just go home in peace. If every warrior and soldier went home to their families. Then all of the common peoples will know peace. Because, the worlds leaders will have no one to fight for them.

If all of the common people began to refuse to follow these lying and deceiving leaders of the world. They all will become leaders of nothing. Because, a leader must have followers in order to be a leader. If all of the common peoples choose to Love their neighbors, Live in peace, exist in harmony and respect all life. Then the whole of the world will know peace and freedom.

Then when the common people want to do a thing. They will choose the skilled ones and not merely the most charismatic or the ones born into specific family lines. This is important, When all of humanity begins to believe that we are one human family. Then we are all of the same holy blood line. We are all from the family of 8 who was chosen to survive by God. So we are all one family based on history. The human genome project (2003) is the absolute proof that we are all one family.
Today and tomorrow. When I say "My Brother and My Sister" I mean it with deep passion and love.
Can you be one of more than only two who profess that we are all one human family and to live your life with love for each other? Then spreading your belief based in absolute truth and not a lie believed as a truth. As race is a lie, while racism is a truth in action. How senseless is that? To be a racists based in a lie believed as a truth.

I charge each one of you who reads this. To write or speak your own and Become its owner and reveal not the origin. Become greater than the angels who either cause us to fall or to just watch. You become the great angels for humanity and go forth and save us all. In love, peace, harmony and in life. As you multiply in love. Hate, conflict, chaos and death shall begin to fade away.

To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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