Sunday, October 19, 2014

Self Quarantine: (Unedited): 18 Oct 2014:

How do you save yourself and your family? When a global pandemic occurs. By self quarantining yourself before the virus comes into your area. But, buy that time weeks may have gone by and contamination can have already spread. If a virus like the quickly mutating Ebola can survive on a surface under the right conditions for a couple of weeks. Then it can take from 3 to 6 weeks for the human being to become contagious or show signs of illness. The only thing you can do is to go underground and remain there for up to 6+you weeks after the last sign of Ebola for this case. How long do you have to remain underground? I have no idea. You will just have to maintain contact with the news and other sources of communications via technology only. Once you have locked up. You cannot have any physical contact of any surface outside of your primary security door. Even if other family arrive late as in days, weeks or even months. It will be too late. To open the door. Kills you all. You may want to plan a 6+ week safe room which can have a direct access to the primary shelter. Which means all supplies will have to be in place as well as decontamination supplies.

Each of you will need to become debt free. Including full ownership of your real estate properties. Because, If you do go underground for an extended period of time. You do not want the bank or mortgage holders to come in and foreclose on your properties. You won't want your electricity, water, gas, cable/internet to be disconnected either. You will need to use those services for as long as they are available and be able to pay for them with online services. 
In the beginning a governmental quarantine for specific areas is just going to be a deceptive ploy. One which calms the population at large and the other is to maintain COG. Continuity of Government is exactly as it sounds and is something very troubling if you are not one of the selected. The government will go underground and all of those who are selected shall be secreted off. No one outside of those activities will know and it will not be advertised or reported by any media outlet. If the information of selected civilians are released in any public format. It will just cause more panic.
The federal government will use the National Guard,  local law enforcement agencies, fire departments as well as non-selected medical personnel to become the compassionate face of the federal activities in action. They will all become the ones who are sacrificed for the survival of COG. Even though they shall not know or even be told their purpose.
But, many will suspect and know and they will abandon their posts and duties in order to attempt to save their own family members. No one will even know that those selected will have been placed in their secure environments as they all will be able to still maintain their duties and businesses with the help of technology.
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