Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busy Trinkets: (Unedited): 19 Oct 2014:

Adorning your being with blingful trinkets and clothing. Makes you just busy to look upon. 
Beauty is not something which is elusive to find, maintain or keep. Adding shiny trinkets or wearing high dollar clothing will not make you more beautiful and noticeable.
Even stressing about all of the methods of obtaining beauty via surgeries or deadly chemicals. Won't last long and may even cause you to look freakish.
There is a way to become an everlasting beauty. It is from deep within you. That part of you in which may be impossible for you to believe in.
The true source of beauty is from within your own spirit being. This is the true you. By becoming holy and righteous. Your connections to the divine becomes real and solid. You begin the march towards a younger looking you.
The second level of beauty is from within your own mindset. By changing the way you think, by accepting only those thoughts and beliefs which are pure and based in divine purity. To become mentally sinless.
The third level of beauty is of the physical level. By eating healthy. Exercising on a regular basis. By staying away from unhealthy and physically sinful habits. By avoiding any mind altering substances. By avoiding unhealthy foods and drinks.
The forth and most important level. By understanding the previous three levels and then accepting them all as the right way. Without any fears or expectations you begin the pure righteous path towards beauty. Not because you have to but because it is right and true. You will soon discover that becoming beautiful is not something which is important any longer to your true self.
Yet after the years and decades go by. All who look upon you. Will know you are a special kind of beautiful. They may not even understand why but they will know. Even when you are 77 years old.

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