Sunday, October 19, 2014

World System Slave: (unedited): 19 Oct 2014:

Your enslavement within the world system is contingent upon you remaining hopeless and helpless. 
We now live in a society. Where it now requires two college educated people to raise their families outside of poverty. Since 2008. Those two college educated parents will need to obtain advanced college degrees just to either maintain employment or advance within their perspective careers. Of course no one can this this as of yet. But, as the old guard retires. They will be replaced with those people who have superior educational records.
Where eating healthy foods also requires a certain level of wealth within the family unit.
Where a high quality non-free education also requires additional wealth to obtain.
Where a gifted person in the arts or in sports also requires additional wealth to obtain the necessary training to become more than competitive or skilled.
For those who have or are disadvantaged. It will become nearly impossible for any of them to obtain or achieve something more than the lower class of humanity they were born into. The disadvantaged young ones must work smart and hard. While at the same time ignoring cultural and societal expectations. Then and only then may they be able to rise up and out of their disadvantage.
There is hope. There is always hope. No matter how deep within the enslavement you are. There is still hope so as long as you continue to believe. Do not become like those hopeless and helpless who chase after any sort of mind altering substance or animalistic sins of the flesh. To do so will most certainly guaranty your everlasting enslavement.
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