Sunday, December 21, 2014

Curses Journey: (Unedited): 21 Dec 2014:

Those things in which you continue to endure may be considered curses to you. But, consider that those undesirable things may be sign posts preventing you from journeying in the direction which is unhealthy for you. 
Road blocks and dead ends. These can be signs and if you travel beyond the signs. Damage, harm and of course death can occur. Road signs like "Dead End" means just that, if you do not stop, your gonna die.
Signs are not curses. They are warnings to you in that specific moment of time. Spiritual signs and physical signs are not supposed to be curses. they are those things which naturally occur which prevent you from going in a particular journey.

For instance. I know that this particular post can get very ugly very quick. Because, there are those with some very serious illnesses and diseases. It would be very difficult to offer any real wisdom or even condolences to those who have lost children or is about to. I must be very delicate in this explanation. How can cancer be a sign post? I just know that it is and that the signs meaning is meant for only you while someone else with the exact same cancer experience will have a different meaning for them only.
It's not fair. It's not right. You have been cheated. You may even hate the God of your understanding.

I know this for you. If you hate and keep those cheated feeling deep within you. Even if you were only the witness to the loved one who passed away from that evil cancer. You are the one who had died. While your loved one is now more alive than you. I guess I'm not really the delicate type.
You may even scream at me. Shouting how can she be more alive than me. When I visit her grave everyday. I will show you where she is buried. Yes, you can show me where she is buried. But, can you look up and see her living spirit with a heart full of expectant love and admiration for her? Can you do that? or will you remain angry forever?
Losing a loved one or even a child is something no one should have to go through. But, it is something that happens. I can tell you this. There are those signs meant for just you. To see and to understand the wisdom behind them.
I have met some very sad people who have nothing to show for their lives of 60, 70 or even 80 or more years. I have asked some of them for elder kind of wisdom. Some of them were incredibly hateful and negative.
While meeting with some very young people who have not seen 10 years. They have more wisdom in their short lives than those who have lived long. Those young ones tend to be the sign holders who have that very meaningful message for their very dear parents and siblings.
Yes, you do want your loved one alive right now. But, just take this moment and just look for their signs of profound wisdom just for you. It is there, it really is. It's in that one little thing.

For others the little ailments or little diseases that just bring discomfort are also very personal signs. These are specific directional markers for you to make your direction into. If you turn these perpetual ailments into curses. Then your own negativity will be what makes your ailments into some very real curses. Which in turn will cause you to endure more suffering over longer periods of time.
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