Thursday, December 18, 2014

Free Flight journey: (Unedited): 18 Dec 2014:

The beautiful butterfly must emerge unaided out of it's own self created darkness. Just to discover their journey of free flight. 
A basic truth. We are all of our own isolated minds and bodies. We do not share each others actual minds and or bodies. Except in extreme situations. Which I shall not go into. Basically, we each are alone within our own skull. Spiritually we are also isolated from one to another. This is a basic truth.
So when you free your own mind from the continual entrap-ping's of the world systems. It is you who must discover your own journey into the new found freedom of flight. It is the same for spiritual freedom as well as physical freedom. The butterfly must must exert force in order to free itself from it's own self created chrysalis. This is crucially important and is beyond my understanding.
Helping a person is not doing for them. To do for them causes much unseen harm. Even is much gratitude is expressed and happy freedom is greatly felt. It is the same with the butterfly. If you cut it free from it's chrysalis. The butterfly will never fly and will die. It is the same with those who are on their own isolated journey in this life. Through our encounters we can learn from one another we can advise one another and we can express what we did wrong. But, we cannot journey to elsewhere in your shoes. We cannot learn what it is is essential for you to learn in this very life journey. Walk your walk in the shoes of your own creation. Fly into the winds with the wings you grew yourself. See and witness a new kind of perception from the greatest of heights. For it is only your journey to make by the freedom of your choice. So choose your direction and go. Where ever you may journey to. There will be other like souls which have journeyed in a similar manor as you. Even for a short while or even through the completion of this life. Journey well beautiful butterfly. Go in peace and love.

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