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California Prophecy 2016: (Unedited): 09 April 2015:

01 Sept 2015 Closed: 
California Final Warning prophecy
California Prophecy Final Warning for those who find this: California Prophecy final warning.
If you are reading this on or after 09 April 2015 and are living within California.
Sell your real estate now. Look for employment in another state. Then move. The wise will already be moving. The wise will already be established. The wise will be going on with their lives as they watch those who remain in California suffer greatly. This will not be an over night event. This will take time. The first employment losses will be in Shipping, Trucking and warehousing. To be followed by every other business which supports or serves families in logistics. The California tax base falls. Around the same time frame. Commercial real estate bankruptcies. Unemployment sky rockets. Sharp rise in Crime. Starvation, Death in the deserts.
May delete all of blue. Final warnings and not of possibilities beyond 2016. ????

If you have any investments which operate within California. Divest of them as soon as possible.
If you are so upside down on your real estate assets. Then go find other employment and then move before the banks take them over.
If you primary form of employment is in logistics. Which includes, Shipping, Rail, Warehousing and trucking. You have about 1 year left before your jobs disappear. So if your company has transfer options. Take them and run. Especially if it is near the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It doesn't matter where. Just go and go very very soon.
Here is the reason why.
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Added on 01 Sept 2015: I'm closing this.
I sure did miss the drought problems. If you have any business in California. Then Divest now. If you have friends and relatives in California. Tell them to move out now. Time is short.
Added on 02 March 2017: 
Calexit written about in 2016:

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