Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Expanding Shell: (Unedited): 07 April 2015:

The empty shell which expands. Collapses upon itself and protects nothing which is contained within.
Russia, Russia, Russia. The big brother on the other side of the pole. I see you and am concerned for you. Your leaders thirst for that which shall only take away from what substance you already have. The substance of each of you which makes you Russian.
This kind of thirst only makes you more thirsty and as you drink more. The more thirsty you become. The more you desire and the more parched you feel you have become. The death of you shall come from this thirst that cannot ever be quenched.
Russia, Russia, Russia. Look up into the sky and beyond the stars. Then go there as any big brother should lead the way for their siblings to follow. Make a place in the heavens and welcome all of your brethren. Then go forth arm in arm and hand in hand. Into that next step for all of humanity. Rise up and go forth with love and peace for all of your human brothers and sisters. Mr. President Putin change your direction and drink only from the fountains of love and peace. For these fountains shall only be which refreshes your spirit and quench your body. Mr. President Vladimir Putin Become that leader which leads all of humanity into that next positive step.
Prophecies are all just warnings of those things which are probable. Just as any mentor speaks those words of those positive things which are also very probable. I speak those words of mentoring to you, Russia. The great bear of wisdom.
The great Bear can be something which is wonderful for all of humanity. The bear does not have to always be a hungry ferocious hunter. This is just the base animalistic tendency of a bear which was once a sleep and is now awake.  Mr. President Putin Become the Bear of humanities direction. Begin the human Journey of a new human quest and protect all of those who freely choose to follow. By doing so Mr. President Putin. You shall find your own satisfying rest and ease from knowing you actually began something truly great. Not just for all of Russia but for all of humanity. In doing this. Shall you be seen a great visionary greater than other other before you. No matter which country or whose history. No one shall compare to you and you shall always be one of the truly great ones who began humanities ascension into the stars.
We all can alter our false journey and change our wrong path in life. Better sooner than later. But, for those who have given up. They shall suffer their defined ending which they already knows is coming for them. Today and right now. The ending of all humanity is coming and it does not have to be. Those fallen Angels who once enslaved us all may still be influencing us all. For their desired outcome of an extinct human race. An extinction caused by our own free choice. All of this has been foretold by many different religions, cultures and prophets. I tell you right now. All of it can still be averted. Humanity does not have to be the cause of their own extinction. Humanity can rise up and go forward by their own free will. No matter how powerful those who wrongly influence us are. Through humanities embracing of brotherhood, of love, of genuine peace. Shall all of humanity ascend into the realm of where those fallen angels once roamed. No longer imprisoned by our own disobedience and sin. By embracing righteous honor is what you have already learned from those basic lessons of karate. Just as in karate a person can become the bully or become the bear which protects those whom he calls his own.


Added on 08 April 2015: 
This is a parallel prophecy for that I have written for China.  There must be that one leader who just states. We are not going to prepare for war. We are not going to wage war. Then invite your former comrades and cold war enemies to embrace true brotherhood and true trust by being the first one to go forth into those place where your upward turned face gazes upon. Go first Mr. President Putin. Point your finger upward and dedicate your resources towards the edge of this solar system. China shall embrace your arm first and then everyone else.
I'm not an economist. I just know that debt is a great burden. I do not know any of the theory behind any of what I'm about to write. I just know it happens and some how it works.
By converting all of your currency into digital monies. You will no longer have to be concerned with obtaining debt or having to much cash out in the world. By having this digital currency. The government can begin projects with little concern over spending to much. This digital currency will have problems trading with other world markets. But, If you can transition your economy into a more diversified sources. Instead of only energy. Then you will become immune to any outside influences. By becoming the primary manufacturer to the people of Russia. You do not have to tie your economy to any other. Except during exports. Then resort to precious metals and other minerals.
The economy will have a sharp uptick. Then just by causing the Russian people to believe in the space dream. They will embrace you and your dream. Go forth and reach into the heavens.
Either Russia or China or even both must reach into the heavens. Re-direct your resources away from your militarization and into space. If you do this. Then all of humanity shall survive. If you both continue to militarize your countries. Then all of humanity shall become extinct.
This year in 2015. The USA should enter into another discipline phase from God. 2001, 2008 and now 2015. Then if the USA does not repent in mass. 2022 shall be rough. all of this is a ramping up of disciplines. So all of your war preparations is all for naught. The USA will not be a force. The USA in some part will become a part of the United nations in some fashion. Russia will take Alaska. Parts will be given to China. I have written all of this before. To a greater detail.
China, Fear not Japan and make amends to your lost brothers. Forgive them of their past deeds. Japan shall tremble and become lost. Isn't it with honor to pay your respects and to save lives? Isn't it honorable to do right instead of blowing your war horns and beating on the war drums? Especially, since they have all passed on and placed into the soil.
Added on 9 April 2015: 
The US Government has become a purely reactionary form of corporate government. If Russia and China begin to redirect any perceived threats away from any US observations. Then the Corporate bought and payed for politicians. Will do nothing in response.
In other words the statuesque for  American politicians is to build their nest eggs for the next election cycle. Passing laws written by their corporate masters will be the only things they do.
This is why re-directing your energies and redirecting your resources towards space. Will have no response by the government of the USA or from the people. The American people have already decided not to fund any major NASA projects. The Corporate controlled US government has already made a history of continually defunding NASA. So when Russia and China is no longer seen as a threat. The US will not build any more new war machines and continually fund their soon to be out of control socialist state.
Russia and China by pursuing new weapons of warfare. Their will be an American led response. This American led response has already manifested. You must see this.
Russia and China Just by re-directing the bulk of your military assets into new and or revitalized space programs. The American people will not see any threat with goofy astronauts playing with bubbles and doing other boring things up in space. The American people do not see the long term investment. Nor are they aware or even care how NASA has advance their lives.
You must see my words as truths. This is a path to human longevity. For you Russia and China to continue in your war projects will end in our human extinction.
The arrogant American politician has created their COG and they believe they and their families shall survive any kind of war. Even if they start it. But, if you are no longer a perceived threat. They will not start any war. This is key.
In time, The USA will fall and their assets will be negotiated over and dealt out like trading cards for all of the indebted members of the United Nations.
Added on 10 April 2015 early A.M.:And @ 1625HRS.
It looks like I have been banned from Russia. I have been banned from (RT) and (RT) YouTube.  I don't think I have ever commented on any RT news story on YouTube. I can view their content just no comment from me is allowed. I can also view other peoples content. Interesting.
It also looks like I have been banned from China. 
My messages has always promoted:
To Love one another
To live in peace with all.
To exist in harmony with all things.
To revere life.
To be obedient to the laws of God.
 This is Prophecy.
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