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Fearless Introvert: Personal Starvation: (Unedited): 10 April 2015:

To be an introvert without any fears. Is an exercise of courage from a brave soul. 
Are you shy or are you just an introvert?
While one may indicate fears and traumas.  The other may be just a a part of your normal psychological being. Which would be OK. So as long as you are healthy and are capable of surviving in this world. In other words being responsible for your state of being.
Being shy may be more related to abuse by those who are outside of your person. Fears and threats from the outside world can cause a person to become shy. While the introvert is just naturally self absorbed in whatever thinking they prefer to think about.  The continuous mean and rude things which may have been done to you or you have simply witnessed. Then if this is the case you should seek assistance in dealing with your own problems. So as long as there are no mind altering medications involved. They do not help, they only delay your healing and make you a drug addict. I state this assuming you have no conclusive brain injuries or brain defects in any test scans of your brain. If you do have absolutely provable tests via advanced medical technologies. Then you must absolutely take which ever medications prescribed by your medical professional. 

To be automatically be prescribed mind altering medications by just simply professing a problem. Is absolutely wrong. Especially if no medical tests have been conducted. If any doctor no matter what field of specialty they are in. Just prescribes mind altering medications without any medical evidence. Then walk out, refuse to pay and report them to their monitoring state agency. They are no different then the illegal drug dealers who stand on street corners. 
Without pride or ego. Without puffing you up. Without you becoming haughty.
To be an introvert is a necessary part of your being. You may very well need to be an introvert. Just so that you can do whatever it is you must do in this life. Self defined greatness comes from those who can dwell within themselves for long periods of time. Then from there they outwardly express themselves within their creations.
There is nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with the outside world who demands for you to conform to it's will and defined state of healthy.
AHHH But, If you are not eating right/healthy and regular, maintaining employment in order for you to take care of yourself and family, If your not bathing/grooming as you should for skin/hair/nail health, Obtaining the required education and continuing education so that you can be continuously employed throughout your entire life. Then there you go Skippy. You had better start being responsible for yourself and for those who you are supposed to be taking care of. This also, includes spending proper amount of time with the spouse and children. As defined by them and not by you. I do fail in this regard. But do deeply feel that my time is short or that this writing I do is urgent. Do not do as I have done. Become well educated and achieve that proper level of employment so that you can take care of your family. It is just really hard to raise a family and have gifted children and then not be able to feed their inborn gifts. Because, you simply do not have the financial resources to do so. It is very hard and not very fair. But, there is nothing fair in this world.
Personal Starvation: (Unedited): 11 April 2015:
A person can have much healthy food and water and still yet starve in other ways.
You can have physical starvation which is in regard to physical weakness and endurance. You can have mental starvation which is in regard to education, psychology and critical thinking. You can have spiritual starvation. In regards to awareness and wisdom.
*NOTE* A person can be highly educated and still does not have the critical thinking skills necessary to avoid becoming enslaved.  Where once being enslaved was only for the uneducated. Now that premise has evolved. Or the understanding to comprehend all of their learned knowledge. As is with bio-mechanical robots who are politically/worldly thought controlled.
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