Saturday, April 11, 2015

Russian Russians from Russia: (Unedited): 11 April 2015:

Temporary Blog: Well Got a quote out of this test post. So I guess I'm gonna keep it.

I have concerned that my blogs are banned from Russia. Well, There you go. 21 readers from Russia have read this blog. I guess I was wrong. Thank you very much for reading my writing and suffering through the poor structures. It is the positive message which is important. Not the stlye or the person who writes it.  Again thank you very much.

Any Russians reading this? The answer is Yes.

There is much advanced wisdom and understanding in being symbolized as a bear.  You do not have to remain as the living bear is. Dangerous and animalistic. The spiritual aspects in being characterized as a bear is far more enlightening.  Where as just the physical aspects is stagnating and possibly DE-evolving.
It is and always has been my hope that all of humanity becomes re-united in a new brother hood of humanity.
More for Russians to read in regards to Russia. 
 I have written more about Russia. They should be easily searched for in Google. My name and Russia,Russian, Russians to be followed by other terms.
I hope none of you become insulted by anything I have written. Find the positive messages. Seek out changes within your own personal lives. Seek out how to live a righteous life and then follow through by actually living righteously. If all of the common peoples of the world would do this. Then there would be no one to fight or go to war for.
Righteous World: (Unedited): 12 April 2015:
World Peace comes from a world full of people living righteously.
Righteous living and brotherly love. This is the only way for world peace. The first step is to reject the perpetuated lies of all of the different races. Then to move on without hatred and anger into the realm of thinking that to love one another is a key to a good life. To live in a peaceful manor is a key to a good life. To exist in harmony is a key to a good life. To revere life is a key to having a good life. To obey these laws without threats or any fears. All of these few things works together as a single life perpetuating mathematical set.
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