Saturday, April 11, 2015

Growth Blocks: (Unedited): 11 April 2015:

Your pride and ego will become continuous stumbling blocks to your spiritual growth. While sin, lawlessness, disobedience shall prevent you from achieving the next level.
To remain humble and less than all others seems to be key to spiritual growth.  You can't fake it or be self deceiving. Only the truth which is in your mind, heart and spirit will coalesce into a singular force of truth. From this essential truth does your spiritual growth come. From righteous living by your own free and logical choice does the understanding of the wisdom you have learned is gleaned. The understanding is from the spirit where as the wisdom is of The Word. So as long as The Word obeys the laws of Love, Peace, Harmony, Life and the law. From there you will know if the word is holy. from there you will know if the writer is in compliance and not deceived. Each and every word should be judged by this holy law in blue.
*NOTE* Even all of my writing should be and shall be judged. i am not exempt. I do - do the best i can. I am not formally educated nor am I a trained writer by any measure. You can laugh here. it is the message which is important. Not me who is just pecking away. In which I have to in order to free my mind.
It is my hope that you the common person freely choose to live your life as a righteous free person. To attain a level of humble holiness like John the baptist and not haughty high regard like within the Catholic Church, Islam, Mega church pastors and anyone else who professes to be greater than you while holding their own chin up. 
From this will humanity survive the coming prophetic times of man made self extinction.
From this will we all begin to have a life worth living. With great meaning and purpose.
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