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Civilian Desperate Ground: (Unedited): 12 April 2015:

Death Lands, 
Dying Ground, 
Death Ground,
Desperate Ground,
By: Sun Tzu 
Depending on the interpretations this is the final ground of 9. The book of Sun Tzu and his "The Art of War" Is for warfare in a variety of degrees. But, this entire book is also used world wide for business and other ares of aggressive yields. It is my opinion that this is an evil book. One that I have read many times.
The reason for this is because the USA seems to be on the path of becoming Dying Ground. The whole of the country becoming grounds of death. In which the police officers and other law enforcement personnel are going to become actively involved in shootings on a regular basis. 
The more the civilian population becomes fearful of authority. The more often the civilian population will begin to actively respond in a psychological manor as if they were actually on Dying ground. In which for however they base their own psychological decisions. They conclude that they must either fight or die, to kill or be killed in order to just survive contact with any law enforcement agent. This state of immediate desperation is easily seen in the recent WalMart shootings by justifiable police officers in Cottonwood Arizona. It will only be much later for anyone to discover that this family is apocalyptic. Which is centered around the Christian prophecies of the end of days.
Psychologically speaking in regards to these types of Christian apocalyptic families. Separating them from one another can result in serious aggressive actions. If they do not understand that the separation is just to collect data to ascertain the incident. If there was one. If the people do not understand this separation activity then they will immediately respond with violence. Without any ramp up in aggressions. It does not really matter their level of self defense as shown by this so called Christian family. Fortunately for those law enforcement personnel. None of them appeared to be well trained in hand to hand combat. They were willing to kill or be killed. 
You can easily see just how religiously brain washed they were. From their deep religious beliefs they have never transcended into the actual righteousness as taught by Jesus Christ. Listen to their verbal accusations and their curse words. Their aggressive actions is absolutely contrary to their life of chosen faith. For even Jesus healed healed the servant of the ear which was violently taken by Peter. For I tell you the truth this family and others like them have the spirit of Judas. In which Judas acted badly and then violently took his own life. You cannot love one another and then act out with violence. This is the most basic teaching of the life of Jesus.
Interesting from
21 march 2015: Cottonwood Arizona. WalMart parking lot.
Warning Mature content on
Holy Bible, Wiki, Books and Chapters to study. 
They are to deliver you into tribulation and you will be killed. No where does it say to fight back and to kill. 
Why is this one important? Because even though the Roman empire was and has ruthlessly controlling the Jewish people. Yet, Jesus Christ saw it to express love to this roman police officer.
Jesus did not resist nor did He fight back when He was taken. Jesus never even defended himself. This is a cold hard truth that many Christian doomsday preppers or Christian survivalist seem to not agree with and how it relates to their own lives. It is easy to be religious and so difficult to live righteously as Jesus had commanded his disciples and followers. We are all to do as Jesus had done. 
And Jesus knew and still went forward in peace. Jesus was brutalized and yet he did not cry out for His legions of Angels. Jesus allowed himself to be nailed and pierced. Jesus even offered forgiveness to all. Where is the violence in all of his deeds and actions from the last supper?
Even if that means walking willingly into the modern day incinerators which may be coming to the USA. Maybe, even during Hillary Clinton's reign, if the USA survives President Obama. The only way President Obama can stay in office is to institute nationwide martial law. Oops, Transgress? 

This is going beyond race. The common people of the USA are already becoming one. Even though their is no such thing as race amongst the species of human beings. So anything the general population views a cop killing what appears to be an innocent human being. They see themselves getting shot or shot at.  This is the psychological creation of mental death ground.
What follows below is very graphic. Mature content. Warning.
Just because I post the videos. You should not automatically assume who is guilty. Without first researching the entire story from sources. Which includes court cases. Some of these are failure to comply. You will not know the circumstance for every stop. The intentions of these videos are not for entertainment purposes at all. 
Dallas Police, Mentally ill man
Montana cop.
New Jersey cop fatally shoots unarmed man.
SC Trooper shoots unarmed man following instructions.
Police dog mauls suspect to death
SC Cop on murder charges.
Taos, NM. Cops fire into minivan with children.
There are more and there seems to be whole lot more of cops getting shot at and killed. This is what is going to happen. The news media is running every story related to guns and cops. It is almost as if they are manipulating people psychologically. People are also cops. Because cops are human beings, they also feel fear everyday and at every stop or call. 
The bad cops are going to cause good cops to get killed. Civilians will begin at some time to defend their friends and family. Civilians will begin to see all law enforcement officials as an enemy equal to any terrorist. Will these feelings be true? of course not. But, truth doesn't matter. If truth mattered there would not be any racism. Because, the separation and division of the races of humanity is an absolute lie and perpetuated deception. 
How to end all of the coming woes to the world
You must love one another.
You must live in peace with every one and yourself.
You must exist in harmony with all.
You must be obedient to all of those Righteous and Holy laws. 
All of these things you must be willing to do by your own free will. All without threat or fears. You must do these things because you know it to be the right thing to do.  

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