Sunday, April 12, 2015

Crab Shack Rain Adventure: (Unedited): 12 April 2015:

The beginning of a beautiful Florida adventure. Can begin in the falling rain under the tiki hut at the Crab Shack in Port Richey.
While everyone wants the perfect holiday or vacation. Many seem to hide when the rains come at their predetermined times. The weather in Florida is usually known to occur within a half hour. Be brave and go to the Crab Shack during the rain. Be safe and be careful. But, go and experience the weather and your fellow customers. You just make some new friends who are just like you-brave and not sad or miserable because it's raining..... It is interesting and may even be that key fun memory of your short holiday. If it is late in the day. Call first to make sure they are open.
This quote was written @
The Crab Shack
5430 Baylea ave.
Port Richey, Fl. 34668
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